Another Five Minutes Giveaway alert!

I’m guest blogging at Just Romantic Suspense today! The blog title is What were you like in school? Click on over to see what I was like in high school. To enter to win a free ebook of my new release, Another Five Minutes, leave a comment telling me what you were like in high school.

See you there! 🙂


Do my friends and family know that I’m a romance author?


Many writers keep their pastime/career a secret. Do those close to me know that I write? You can find out the answer to that question and more in my interview at Kam’s Place. Follow the link here:

There is also a new review of my recent release by Kameron Brook. Read her review after the interview. I think she liked the book! 🙂

When two Type A personalities collide…a romance with sparks.

INTjenniferwilckContemporary Romance Author Jennifer Wilck enjoys writing about diversity. In her release, Miriam’s Surrender, the characters are Jewish. They are also both Type A personalities. Neither character wants to bend. Learn more about the story in her interview with me at Coffee Time Romance and More!

Friends, do you enjoy having different religions in the books you read? I do. I love learning new things and experiencing the world through character’s eyes. It is one of my favorite things about reading!

Are you a fool for romance? There are huge book giveaways going on. Come see…

11081532_444099339086107_2011125838_nI will be at A Fool for Romance’s Facebook Party today, beginning around noon (Eastern time). There will be free books, folks! Be sure to drop by. I will be there chatting, answering questions, giving away free books, and other fun stuff! The grand prize is a $100 Amazon gift card to be drawn 4/1/15!

Let’s celebrate spring with some free books! :)

Come join me for Whimsical Publication’s expansion party on Facebook. It has started now and will be happening all day long. There will be fun giveaways, free books, a scavenger hunt, author appearances, and more. It is a great, fun way to celebrate the first day of spring, friends!…C/101117552854

I’ll be dropping by off and on throughout the day, and I’ve entered a signed copy of The Curse of a Mind to give away for the scavenger hunt!

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They can’t win. The perpetrator is using a marvel in the medical field known as techlepathy, a combination of technology and telepathy to produce a telepathic result. He’s reading their minds. How can they possibly get away when he knows their every move?

Chris Chambers is a private investigator with great instincts and a shady past. She works with a skilled team on cases that most P.I.’s won’t touch. She’s hardened to life, hardened to people and as tough as the military trained her to be.

Her team’s newest case is a construction worker by the name of Aidan Wolfe. Aidan is hardheaded and successful, a man with no friends and a long list of enemies. Someone is trying to kill him, someone with extraordinary gifts.

The investigative team and Aidan will be confronted with their worst enemies—themselves. They are cursed to face their own thoughts, inner fears, prejudices, and every private feeling or emotion they have as this man toys with their minds and hearts.

Can they survive? By the end, will they want to?

Which of my characters is my favorite?

I’m a featured author at Whispered Writings, a blog written by Rachel Kovacs. She’s written such a remarkable feature about me that I have to share with everyone! She’s truly a talented writer.

One of the questions I answer for Rachel is: which of my characters is my favorite? Interested to know? Here’s the feature:

I sure hope everyone will take a moment to stop by! 🙂

Chat with the authors of Whimsical Publications on 6/23/11!

Join me and my fellow authors at Whimsical Publications for a fun, exciting, even sizzling chat about all topics, including books and so very much more. Anything goes! The chat will take place at Coffeetime’s chat loop on Yahoo all day long on 6/23/11. Be sure to join in advance so you can participate in all the fun!

Beach Blog Party at Author Roast and Toast!

Join me for a virtual blog party! There will be sweets to eat, fancy drinks with umbrellas, gorgeous eye candy without shirts wandering around… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Come on over and celebrate with me. I just finished writing another book and I’m ready to chat and have a good time!


By the way, did I mention which book I finished? Have a peak!
Coming November 2011


Accelerating Circumstances
Book Three of the Outer Banks Suspense Series

(Read as a series, or enjoy each book alone.)

Destiny Booze

Jenny is different. She can read people’s minds.

At age seventeen, Jenny Reid was arrested for killing her own mother. There was no evidence that an intruder entered the house. No one believed her as a teenager when she tried to tell them how she felt the killer’s rage saturated within the walls, that she knew the presence of evil had been there. The police thought she was crazy, not psychic.

A conviction was never made in the case due to lack of evidence. Jenny is still the sole suspect, but now, she is doing something about it. She’s on the right side of the law, a FBI agent determined to finally find justice for her mom.

Two men stay by her side—William, her partner, a darkly intense agent with a scary past and Nate, a bad boy with too much charisma to be a good thing. But, no man will keep her from finding out the truth about her mom. The time has come to set things right.

Nothing will stand in her way. She’ll come up close with evil again and face the ultimate choice—kill or be killed in these ACCELERATING CIRCUMSTANCES.

Come and chat with me! :)

April 16
Whimsical Publications All Day Author Chat

Want to find out more about the authors behind Whimsical Publications? Want to ask about writing or the publishing process? Want to just be nosy and find out the inside scoop at Whimsical? Come on by for an author chat at Long and Short Romance’s Yahoo Group. It’s guaranteed entertainment! (FYI: If you are not yet a member of this group, join early so you don’t miss out on anything!)

I’m Chatting It Up!

Saturday, March 12…8 AM to 8 PM EST

Join me for a chat at Coffee Time Romance’s Yahoo Group! I’ll be there with many other talented authors from Whimsical Publications and Purple Sword Publications. The topics open for discussion will be books and…well,  just about anything goes. Come on by! I’ll be popping in and out and I would love to see you there!

By the way, if you’re not yet a member of the group, drop on by today and sign up so you won’t miss out on any of the chat tomorrow! 😉

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