Resurrect Romantic Suspense!

My favorite genre of romance is romantic suspense. I bet you could have guessed as much, because that’s what I write. But, I love, love, love to read a great romantic suspense story! I’ll tell you a little secret. I spend much more time reading than writing. 😉

I feel like I’m a minority in my chosen genre lately. What do you think? Do you still enjoy a good romantic suspense? If not, why? Have you grown tired of them? Please say you aren’t tired of them!

sad face

I did a poll on Twitter. Between Contemporary, Historical, Suspense, and Paranormal, suspense came in dead last, the percentage so low it was heartbreaking. Historical and paranormal tied for the lead. I’m so sad about this, fellow readers!

So, can we resurrect romantic suspense? Is there still hope for my favorite books, or should I try writing in another genre? What’s your opinion?

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Readers are right to expect free books.

Please don’t read this blog title and shoot me! 🙂

Picture of the Week - Live Free!

More and more authors are getting frequent complaints their books are priced too high. Some have even said they are asked why their book isn’t free. In today’s market, people expect free books. That is a simple fact, and I can see why.

The book world is completely oversaturated with free books. As a reader, I could get by with never buying another ebook again if I didn’t want to. I have the BookBub app on my phone. If you haven’t downloaded the free app, I would highly recommend it. I get daily announcements to let me know which books are out there for free. Yay! I love free!

Free books are a great marketing strategy for writers. It’s a proven method for getting readers to try one of your books. Some of them will even come back and purchase a book from us starving writers. Thank goodness! Someone actually bought my book!!!

With that said, free books are also a strategy for struggling authors or new authors to get people to read their books. They aren’t giving the books away for a set time frame as a promotion. The books are simply free. The author does not want any reimbursement at all. What they want is readers to read them. They are desperate to get their name out there.

And guess what? These authors are still struggling even though they are giving the product away! That’s how oversaturated the market has become. Free books should be easy to give away, but sadly, that’s not the case.

Have you noticed all the constant contests out there? All readers have to do to win a free book is leave a comment, but many will not be bothered. That’s too much effort when they can click over on Amazon at any given time and pick from a whole list of free books. Why enter a contest they might not even win?

I’ve seen New York Times/USA Today bestselling authors announce on Facebook they are giving away 30 free copies of their new release. Why? They need reviews, and readers aren’t willing to take the time to leave a review without a little bribery. They are busy folks. I can understand. I bet those authors, though they are very popular and very successful, still have problems getting reviews even giving away their product for free.

So, where does this leave authors? Is it possible to make a living in a market where the value of our product has decreased to free? It seems very few authors make a living in this industry.

I love reading free books as a reader, but as an author, if I can’t sell my product, I can’t pay my bills. The book market is getting super tough, my friends. What are your thoughts? Are readers right to expect free books?

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Be a real writer!

Are you a real writer? Let me give you a minute to think about it. Do you call yourself a writer? And I don’t mean “striving” writer.

Unsure of that answer? What does it take to be a real writer? Are we only actual writers if we get paid a good income?

Here’s what I think. Yes, you are a REAL writer. How do I know? Because you write. That makes it very real.

I am so tired of being afraid to tell people I’m a writer, and yes, that writing is my job. It’s a real one. I actually set an alarm every morning. I get up and get to work. I sit in front of the computer and I write all day. I work very hard at what I do. That is my job, and I take it very seriously.

Did you get all that? Let me say it again. I’m a writer, and I’m proud of it! 🙂

It continues to surprise me how people react when you tell them you are a writer. The responses are insulting. “Really? Like a real writer? As in you get paid? That’s neat, I guess.”

News flash, friends! Writers are needed everywhere. They write correspondence, advertisements, books, newspaper articles, movie scripts, website content, and the list goes on and on and on. Writing is a real job, and if you are one of us out there doing it on a daily basis, then you have that job. You are a writer!

Be proud of what you do. Don’t be afraid to say it with confidence. Be a real writer!


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E-books are everywhere. Authors, do you miss holding your book in your hands?

8580014What was the proudest moment of Cynthia Witherspoon’s writing career? The answer is seeing her book in print, of course! The same could hold true for many authors. It is indeed a wonderful feeling! Read her full interview at Coffee Time Romance here:

Because of the popularity of e-books, a lot of books don’t make it to print. And, from a business perspective, that’s the way it should be. That’s the way the industry is going. Authors have a great opportunity to make a great income that way. But, sadly, that also means they won’t get to hold that print book in their hands and experience that feeling of magic that happens in that moment.

Authors, do you miss holding your book in your hands? Or, are you happy enough seeing your book  on the screen?

Are authors giving away too many free books?

Promoting is one of the biggest challenges an author has in my opinion. I think most writers would readily agree with that. One promotional tool is offering free books. It’s a tried and proven method of marketing. What company doesn’t offer a free trial? The idea is that if the customer likes it, they will return for more.

Does that work the same way with readers?

The market is getting saturated with free reads. If you like reading e-books, you can download free books all day long. So, is this still an effective marketing strategy for authors? Yes? No? Maybe? Sometimes?

I honestly don’t know. As a writer, I want people to read my work. But, I also want to make money to pay my bills. If I give away too many free reads, am I making it impossible to make money in this business?

I have two reasons for pondering so much about this subject. First off, readers expect free reads now, and they want more than just a sample. They want the whole book for free. I know this because they tell me so. Secondly, as a reader, I download more free books than I buy.That’s shocking to me, because I really want to support my fellow authors, but hey, I’m human. I’m not made of money and I love free stuff!

Ideally, giving away a free sample should be a great marketing tool. I’m worried it has gotten overused. So, are authors giving away too many free books? I would love your opinion.

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Self-Publishing…Yes or No?

My first thoughts on self-publishing used to be no, no, NO! After all, it was one of the first pieces of advice I was given as a budding writer. If I wanted to be taken seriously, I needed a publisher behind me, a real publisher. One fellow writer said, “Some authors are opening small companies to publish under, but readers are seeing right through it. It’s still self-publishing and that translates to unprofessional work.”

Pretty strong words, right? Yes, they were. I decided to heed them.

But, the publishing industry has shifted in the last couple of years. Have things changed enough? Is self-publishing more accepted now?

I’m considering self publishing my next book, but it makes me nervous. Those words from the beginning have stuck with me. If I self-publish, will I be taken seriously?

And honestly, speaking as an avid reader, there are valid concerns about the quality of work from indie authors. I’ve read some books that were poorly written. Most of these authors have never been published. The reasons were clear to me, and sadly, the authors didn’t understand the poor quality of their work.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. I understand the hard work that goes into writing. I really do. My first works didn’t get published and they shouldn’t have. They weren’t good enough.

The skills of writing need to be developed for many years. Publishers filter the good from the bad. With the option of self-publishing, we no longer have that filter.

Of course, the reverse has also been the case. I’ve read indie authors that were phenomenal! But most of those seemed to be previously published writers.

Just yesterday, I saw where Harlequin Intrigue Author Dana Marton just released a self-published book! That took me by surprise. I’m a fan of hers and she definitely caught my attention with this career choice.

So, I’m honestly on the fence about this as a whole and when considering my own writing. I’ve worked too hard at developing my writing career to do anything to hurt it now.

What do you think? Do you have any thoughts on this subject?

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Which of my characters is my favorite?

I’m a featured author at Whispered Writings, a blog written by Rachel Kovacs. She’s written such a remarkable feature about me that I have to share with everyone! She’s truly a talented writer.

One of the questions I answer for Rachel is: which of my characters is my favorite? Interested to know? Here’s the feature:

I sure hope everyone will take a moment to stop by! 🙂

What’s a book outline?

Okay guys, I admit that this one took me a little while to figure out! Many authors dread writing an outline more than they dread any other part of a book proposal. As always, the exact content that agents and publishers want from a book outline varies.

There’s no doubt you must be adaptable to surviving in the publishing industry!

The book outline is a detailed breakdown of what happens in your story by chapter. Sounds like a bit much, doesn’t it? Well, don’t let it overwhelm you!

Unlike your query and synopsis, this part of your proposal does not have a page limit, not to my knowledge, but always remember to check submission guidelines to be sure. With that said, your outline should still be as concise as possible. Add only the parts of the story that is most important, only dialog that is key to the plot.

I like to write each chapter outline like a short blurb to keep the reader going. It makes sense to me. The book should do the same, right? Each chapter should end with some key points to keep readers turning the pages!

The same holds true for the outline. No one should fall asleep reading it. 😉 Keep it moving and make sure you describe each chapter with a building anticipation toward the big finale.

Another important point to remember is that agents and publishers need to know what happens. Don’t hold back the ending. Don’t leave questions unanswered to surprise them later. They need to know if they like the ending you’ve written. Okay?

So, I hope this has been helpful. Good luck writing your outline!

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I need you to be honest…

I have a confession. The hardest thing for me to write in a romance is a sex scene. I’m sure you’re saying, ‘What!?!?’

I know. I understand what you’re thinking. I really do, but it’s true. As a romance writer, that should be one of the easiest parts, but it’s not and that’s hard for me to admit to. : (

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to leave the scene out of the book. So, the question I want to post to readers today is this: will you read a romance without a sex scene or would you feel cheated that it wasn’t there?

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I’m taking Creative Corner submissions

Hey guys, have you noticed the Creative Corner at ? If not, drop by and check it out. There’s some neat stuff posted there.

I’m currently taking new submissions if anyone has a picture or poem or even short story they would like to send to me. Keep in mind that I keep my website at a PG rating. 🙂

If you have something you would like to send to me, just email it to me at I’ll look it over and post it to my blog and my website!

I also wanted to share with everyone a creative writing site that I recently discovered this week. I was contacted by one of the co-founders, Ben Ewing to have a look. If you’re looking for a place to share your work, you might be interested in People will be able to see your writing and even leave feedback.

Remember: Make-believe is more than a child’s game!

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