The Follower Blog Hop Winners!

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

Here are the official winners to the 2011 Follower Blog Hop! (Pulled straight from the hat ;))

1.  Online Name: SiNn…for an autographed copy of The Curse of a Mind!

2.  Online Name: Cindi…for a free .pdf copy of Altered Beginnings!

3.  Online Name: Melissa…for a free .pdf copy of Predetermined Endings!


Because there were so many entries, I decided to give away a few more free .pdfs! Here are the unofficial winners for a free .pdf copy of one of my books!

1. Online Name: Quetzi

2. Online Name: Vonda

3. Online Name: Kristi

4. Online Name: Judy

5. Online Name: Donna

Congratulations everyone! Thanks to everyone for participating! I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Also, for those of you that didn’t win this contest, you could win a free signed copy of  The Curse of a Mind on Goodreads. The drawing dates are now until March 8th! Here’s the link:

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