Interview of the characters of Predetermined Endings

Join the main characters of Predetermined Endings for their
very first interview by Author Destiny Booze! The subject is ambitions and
careers as seen by each character at the beginning of their story.


Angelica Chappell (Naturally
beautiful and feminine with light brown hair and light blue eyes) – She is a single,
young scientist with an exceptionally high IQ. Her greatest achievement is
Krytonix, a drug proven to slow the spread of cancer cells. She works for
Chappell Pharmaceuticals, owned by her wealthy grandfather, Bruce Chappell.


Bruce Chappell – Revered
as a man with resources, influence and power, Bruce pushes Angelica to succeed
in his lab as he searches for the cure to cancer.


William Pierce
(Italian good looks) – Nicknamed Slick during his time undercover, he is now a
rogue FBI Agent, looking for answers and redemption. The trail he follows will
lead him to Chappell Pharmaceuticals.


Leigh Lawson (Of
both African American and Caucasian heritage, she is attractive and pretty. She
has a dark complexion, long black hair and dark eyes.) – Once a troubled girl
with a drug addiction, she is now a successful engineer working on a kids’ fun
zone. She currently resides with her boyfriend, Jason Altarez.


Jason Altarez (A
gorgeous guy with dirty blond hair longer than his shoulders, blue eyes, and a
large smile.) – He is a popular reporter in Nags Head. He wants to land a story
about Chappell Pharmaceuticals, but so far, he has been turned down.


  1. What is your definition of success?


Angelica smiled shyly. "Good question. I think…"


Bruce interrupted her. He placed a hand on Angelica’s arm to
stop her answer. Leaning forward, he said, "Our definition of success may
sound like an unattainable ambition, but I believe it will become a reality at
Chappell Pharmaceuticals. Our definition of success is finding a cure for


Jason challenged Bruce and Angelica with a pointed look.
"Surprise, surprise. The personal measure of the rich and famous is to
become more rich and famous," he said, his voice thick with disdain.
"I think I have many different definitions of success. The most important
is measured by my home and family. That’s what matters most."


Leigh chewed a thumb nail as she waited for her turn to
answer. "I guess I agree with Jason."


They all turned toward William where he stood stiffly in the
back of the room, his face unreadable. His body stood tall, solid and alert,
like a bodyguard. A toothpick stuck in the corner of his mouth. When everyone
stared bluntly at him, he gave a small shrug. "Success is simple. It’s
survival of the fittest. That’s all."


  1. What is your greatest fear?


A polite smile stayed frozen on Angelica’s face, a soft pink
highlighting her cheeks. She didn’t attempt to answer.


Bruce chuckled humorlessly, and said, "Nothing. Failure
is the only thing I fear, and that’s
not an option." Then added pointedly, "Not even for the rich and


Jason’s eyes rolled upward for a beat, then returned.
"My biggest fear is losing the people that matter to me," he said
softly, his eyes sliding to Leigh.


Looking uncomfortable, and refusing to meet anyone’s eyes,
Leigh quickly mumbled, "Screwing up. Again."


A silence followed. Again, everyone turned to look at
William. The toothpick slid to the other side of his mouth. Otherwise, he
didn’t move. "The land of the dead," he said. He didn’t elaborate.


  1. Who has influenced your life the most?
    Do you have a mentor?


Angelica’s smile faded. Her face paled.


What looked like a quick, warning glare was shot at her from
Bruce. He said, "Well, I’d like to think I have always provided Angelica
with anything she needs."


Jason looked thoughtful for a moment. "There’s been
many different influences and mentors. My family in particular." He glanced
quickly in William’s direction. "Friends," he added softly.


Leigh shifted in her chair. Jason took her hand, and she
settled back again. "I don’t know. There wasn’t anyone really. Not
until… I guess Emma and Shawn are my answer. They couldn’t make it today."


William moved, and the room grew tense in anticipation. He
walked to the opposite wall and stood before the group, instead of behind it.
He faced Jason. "My parents," he said. His eyes sharpened on Jason.
"And friends," he added.


  1. What are your dreams now? What do you
    want to happen in your life?


Angelica glanced at Bruce expectantly.


Bruce beamed. "There are so many things we want at
Chappell Pharmaceuticals. We want to keep producing the drugs that save lives. There
is so much we have planned."


Jason sighed a sound of disgust at that answer. "Bruce,
if you want to talk about Chappell Pharmaceuticals, you should do an interview
with me. These questions are meant to be directed at Angelica personally. Not
you, not the lab. Why don’t you try letting her answer for once?" Then, he
visibly reigned it in and said, "Anyway, my dreams are of family. A
beautiful wife, kids, happiness…"


Again, Leigh wouldn’t look at anyone when she answered.
"Happiness is what we all want, I think. It’s just too damn bad it seems
so hard to find."


For the first time, William looked slightly uncomfortable.
He looked to the floor. "Peace. I just want peace."


  1. One last question: how do you cope with


No one smiled this time.


Angelica said, "I try again."


Bruce firmly countered, "We don’t fail."


"She’s right. Try again," Jason said.


Leigh said, "Try something new."


William said, "Correct the problem."


6.   Anyone have anything to add?
Any advice to pass along?


Angelica quietly cleared her throat and said, "Thank
you for the interview."


Bruce nodded his agreement.


Jason said, "My advice to anyone with a dream is to
keep at it. Never give up. Persistence is the key."


Leigh said, "I think you have to learn to believe in


William said nothing.




From the author: I hope you enjoyed getting to know the
characters of this book a little better. I had a ton of fun doing this
interview! To learn more about PREDETERMINED ENDINGS, visit

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