Here are the winners!

Thanks to all the participants in my contest for the Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop! That was a lot of fun! One lucky winner gets a signed copy of The Curse of a Mind! Yay!

If you were not chosen to receive the signed copy, fear not. Check your Inbox. There just might be a little something there for entering my contest! I appreciate you guys so much!

Now, here are the answers to the book trivia quiz:

1. D Autism
The heroine in The Curse of a Mind, Chris has an older brother that is autistic.

2. B Christopher Chambers
Chris’s dad really wanted a boy. Can’t you tell?

3. C Ricky
Ricky’s dad owns Deniro Investigations. Ricky really wants to take over the team.

4. D five
In Altered Beginnings, Jason has five siblings. Big family, huh?

5. D Slick
Freddie’s hit-man is Slick. He has a reputation for killing with his bare hands.

6. B where to live
In the beginning of Predetermined Endings, Shawn and Emma are planning a wedding, but already bickering over many of the details about sharing a life together. One of the most important disagreements is where to live.

7. A Angel
William’s pet name for Angelica is Angel.

So, how many did you get right? Only four people got all of them right and out of those four, only one name was drawn. And, the winner is Crystal! Congratulations! Your book will be off to you shortly!

Again, thanks so much for so many great participants!

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