Whimsical is looking for writers!

Whimsical Publications is open for submissions! In particular, they are looking for short stories for a Christmas Anthology. Here’s the official announcement:

“Now accepting short stories for an anthology releasing in December.

WP is taking short stories for an anthology book to be released December 2011. The open dates for this are Sept 1 until Oct. 3, with the writers for the book announced Oct 10. Ten authors will be chosen. The stories must have a winter theme. NO erotica or gore, please. If you have romance in your story, keep it clean. This will be a family friendly book.

By winter theme, it could be a snowed in thriller/suspense in the mountains, about Christmas, about a romantic gathering in winter in the city of your choice, anything that has a winter concept involved. Remember, this is a family friendly book, so no erotica or gore. Keep it clean. Heart racing is good, though. The book will be in both print and ebook formats, with each author receiving two copies of the print book.

Word count limit is between 5k – 10k.

Place the words “Anthology Submission” in the subject heading and send the completed work to submissions@whimsicalpublications.com by October 3rd. No partial stories will be accepted.”

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August’s book sale is almost over!

Did you miss the announcement that all e-books from my publisher, Whimsical Publications are on sale for 50% off? There’s only three days left, folks! Don’t miss out!


Here are three books I have on sale! 🙂


Buy Any E-book at Whimsical Publications at 1/2 Off!

My publisher, Whimsical Publications has a huge book sale going on for the month of August! You can buy one of my e-books for 1/2 off! Wow, right?

Here’s the official announcement from Whimsical:

“With all the talk of budgets in the news, Whimsical Publications feels it’s time to do our part.

For the entire month of August, WP will have a Stimulus Relief sale. What does that mean to you, the reader? It means that all the ebooks on this site will be 1/2 price.

Combine a romance with a suspense, a historical with a young adult. Get all the ebooks in a series and add a few others for good measure. With the half price deal, you can increase your reading pleasure without taking a chunk out of your budget .

So, take this opportunity to discover a new author or reestablish with an old friend. Pass this information along so your friends and family can take advantage of this cut in price as well. With the price of everything going up, this is a way for Whimsical Publications to give back to the reading population. Check out http://www.whimsicalpublications.com for information on our books.”

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Win a book from Whimsical Publications!

A note from Janet Durbin, founder of Whimsical Publications about a contest for today!:

“Come check out our site. While you’re there, browse through the pages to learn more about our selection of print books and e-books, and about the authors who wrote them. I think you will find they are a fabulous, diverse group of people.

At the end of the day, I will give away one print book to a lucky winner and one ebook to another lucky winner, of their choice. The winners will be announced tonight at 8 p.m.

What do you have to do?

Go to http://www.whimsicalpublications.com and find the name of the “newest member of the WP family.” It’s not hard to find her with all her cuteness and fuzzy face, sitting in her oversized basket. She sorta resembles the logo for this company (hint, hint).

Once you have the name, come back here (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/karenfindoutaboutnewbooks)and post that you know the answer but DO NOT POST the name. I’ll ask it later when I pick the winners. That way everyone has to work for the prize, not just a few. If you get the answer wrong, I move on to the next person until I get the correct answer.

Are you up for the challenge? If you are, go to http://www.whimsicalpublications.com and hunt away. I look forward to seeing who wins. 🙂

Good Luck!!”


**I  along with the other authors of Whimsical Publications are chatting all day long at that Yahoo Loop. I’d love to see you there!**

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Chat with the authors of Whimsical Publications on 6/23/11!

Join me and my fellow authors at Whimsical Publications for a fun, exciting, even sizzling chat about all topics, including books and so very much more. Anything goes! The chat will take place at Coffeetime’s chat loop on Yahoo all day long on 6/23/11. Be sure to join in advance so you can participate in all the fun!


A disturbing book to read…

Blurb:  Nature Kranderson, a reclusive psychic, stumbles upon the work of a serial killer when she tries to locate a missing teen for her family. For some reason, the killers face remains shrouded. That has never happened before. She has always been able to ID them. It frustrates her, and makes her a little nervous. Unfortunately, she can see everything he does to the girls—every perverted detail—including a wire whisk used on one girl and a riding crop on another. He gets off keeping them naked and using them as often as possible before he becomes disenchanted. When that happens, death follows.

Nature joins forces with Sheriff Web Westerly and begins a cross-country journey that takes them to Florida. Another teenage girl is missing from the Brevard County area, and the police have asked for her help. They want to find the girl before anything happens to her. After they arrive, Nature discovers her
disappearance has nothing to do with the ‘Man’, as she’s dubbed the killer.

While in Florida, the police approach her about another missing girl. She was taken from a park near the beach and they suspect it may be the serial killer who has her. Nature confirms their suspicions. Afterwards, thinking her work is done, she gets ready to go home, back to Montana. Before that happens, she is called upon for another case in Daytona. The Man has struck again.

The news people catch wind of the missing girls. They learn of Nature’s involvement and track her down, seeking an exclusive interview, flashing her face across the television screen once they locate her. Unfortunately, someone else is watching that day. A serial killer is looking for his next target, and he thinks he may have found her on the news.

Note: This book contains graphic sexual content, violence and adult language. Intended for a mature audience.

My thoughts: I’m not going to give a full assessment of my opinion about Innocence Taken, because the book was just too much for me to stomach. I’m not usually squeamish about violence, death, blood, guts, etc. I like the horror genre, but this was different. There was unexpected content in this book that went beyond what I want to read.

For me, the problem was the rape scenes. The rape victims enjoyed being raped. That really disturbed me and I didn’t like it.

With that said, if you would not be bothered by such content, the writing is solid, the characters are well-developed and the killer is original and scary.

Where to buy: http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/janet_durbin/innocencetaken_info.html

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Only 8 Days Left! May’s Character Interview Blog Bash!

Win a signed copy of Altered Beginnings by Destiny Booze! Here’s all you have to do…Have fun reading this character interview, then email Robyn at promorobyn@gmail.com with the answer to this question: What does Jason Altarez think about while lying in bed at night?

This contest will be ongoing for the month of May only, so there are only 8 days left! Don’t forget to ask Robyn for the complete list of participating blogs in the May Character Interview Blog Bash for even more fun interviews and opportunities to win fantastic books! 🙂

Leigh Lawson (Of both African American and Caucasian heritage, she is attractive and pretty. She has a dark complexion, long black hair and dark eyes.) – Once a troubled girl with a drug addiction, she returns home a grown woman with her life back on track. Her life gets turned back up side down when the police recruit her to work undercover to bring known mobster and drug seller Freddie Garrett to conviction.

Jason Altarez (A gorgeous guy with light brown or dirty blond hair longer than his shoulders, blue eyes, and a large smile.) – He is a popular reporter in Nags Head. As soon as Leigh gets into town, he approaches her. He’s obviously chasing her, but is he really interested in her or just her story?

Emma Combs (With a fantastic figure, auburn hair and plenty of time invested into her fashion, she is absolutely beautiful.) – She thinks of herself as a perfectionist. She and Leigh were best friends in high school. It is uncertain whether they will be able to rekindle that relationship.

Shawn Branscom (He is very sexy with short and neat brown hair, blue eyes and a great shape.) – Known to let his temper flare at the drop of a hat, he is a cop with a new promotion to the narcotics team. He’s a little gruff, but he has a definite soft spot for Emma that he is unable to hide.

1. Let’s begin by having everyone tell us a little about him or herself.

Jason grinned and leaned forward in his chair. “Shall I go first? This is a little weird. I’m usually the one asking the questions.” He looked thoughtful as he ran a hand through his light brown hair, the front falling right back where it began. “Well, I’m a reporter. I work hard. At work, they call me Ice because I refuse to give up on a story, which happens to be my biggest strength, but probably my biggest weakness as well. In my free time, I spend time with my family. I like playing basketball, swimming and sailing.”

Leigh stood to pace behind her chair as she answered. “My life is really complicated. I’m not sure how much you want to know. I was raised by the Branscom family. My teenage years were pretty bad, and they eventually kicked me out of the house. I decided to leave town…”

“…without telling anyone. Everyone thought she was dead,” Emma added.

“When I got back into town, I wasn’t exactly well received. So, that’s pretty much it. I’m just trying to make things right, but I’ll be fine. I’m tough,” Leigh said in a soft voice.

Emma went next. “I’m the manager of my parent’s hotel. I love my job. When I’m not there, I’m usually working out. I’m very ambitious. My greatest weakness would have to be that I’m a perfectionist.”

Shawn sat with his back perfectly straight, looking gruff and uncomfortable. “I’m a cop. I don’t have much time for anything else,” he said, sounding defensive as if he dared someone to argue.

Emma turned toward Shawn. “Your strength is your confidence. Your weakness is you get arrogant and your temper, of course.”

He gave her a look that wasn’t easily defined.

2. Anyone currently dating?

“No,” Jason said, still grinning. “The last time I had a serious relationship was in college. She was older and graduated before me. I haven’t heard from her since.”

Leigh still stood. “I’m not dating now. My ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer, my drug dealer actually.”

Emma just shook her head in answer.

Shawn did the same.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight? What are your views on sex in a relationship? Does love and sex have to come together?

Jason actually laughed. “Wow, what a question. I do believe in love at first sight. That’s kind of embarrassing. And, I would hope that any girl sleeping with me has feelings for me, so yes.”

Leigh began pacing again. “No and no.”

Emma shrugged. “I haven’t really thought about it.”

Shawn fidgeted, looking absolutely miserable. “That’s really a crazy question. I don’t know.”

4. When you lie in bed at night, what do you think about?

For the very first time, Jason momentarily paused. “I think about what I want in the future,” he said, his eyes sliding over his shoulder to Leigh.

“I try not to think,” Leigh said with a voice that was a bit uneven. She sounded shaky or perhaps on the verge of laughter.

“That’s easy,” Emma said. “I think about everything I have to get done the next day.”

Shawn smiled slowly. “I can’t say what I think about.”

5. Last question guys: what would it surprise people to know about you?

“A lot,” Jason said and laughed. “If I had to pick one thing, it would probably be my family. It’s big. I have three brothers and two sisters. There are six of us all together. We’re a very close family, and most people don’t see me as a family guy.”

Leigh sat back down. “That I’m alive.”

Everyone laughed.

When things grew quiet, Emma said, “It would surprise people to know that I’ve made many mistakes in my past that I’m not proud of.”

Shawn just shrugged. “I don’t know.”

From the author: I hope you enjoyed getting to know the characters of this book a little better. I had a ton of fun doing this interview! To learn more about ALTERED BEGINNINGS, visit www.destinybooze.com

“…never experienced before…” Read the full review!

From Anna, Goodreads Reader, here’s a new review for The Curse of a Mind:

“Highly psychological in its whole, yet lighthearted and entertaining, this novel is highly worth the time it takes to snuggle up and read.

As the story proceeds, there are twists and turns that all of the characters never expected to come across. I have to admit, at the end, there was quite the surprise awaiting me.

The character dynamics easily mesh together, yet each individual has the ability to stand on their own & be a strong lead. The continuing development of the “love interest” allows the story line to drastically deepen, despite the suggestion that this relationship will never fully develop.

The killer — well, that’s a whole different topic. Something that can only be described as both highly interesting and disturbing. Something that I have never experienced before within a novel.

As for everything else in between, you need to read it yourself to find out!”

Also, there’s exciting news! The print version of this book is on sale right now at Amazon for $9.37. It’s originally $12.95. It’s also eligible for super saving shipping! Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Curse-Mind-Destiny-Booze/dp/1936167344/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1305810686&sr=8-2

For more buy links, including this book in e-book format, click here: http://novelistdestinybooze.books.officelive.com/thecurseofamind.aspx


Whoohoo! I just finished writing Accelerating Circumstances! I’m so excited about this one, friends!

Let me give you a reminder of what this upcoming book is about!

Accelerating Circumstances
Book Three of the Outer Banks Suspense Series

(Read as a series, or enjoy each book alone.)

Jenny is different. She can read people’s minds.

At age seventeen, Jenny Reid was arrested for killing her own mother. There was no evidence that an intruder entered the house. No one believed her as a teenager when she tried to tell them how she felt the killer’s rage saturated within the walls, that she knew the presence of evil had been there. The police thought she was crazy, not psychic.

A conviction was never made in the case due to lack of evidence. Jenny is still the sole suspect, but now, she is doing something about it. She’s on the right side of the law, an FBI agent determined to finally find justice for her mom.

Two men stay by her side—William, her partner, a darkly intense agent with a scary past and Nate, a bad boy with too much charisma to be a good thing. But, no man will keep her from finding out the truth about her mom. The time has come to set things right.

Nothing will stand in her way. She’ll come up close with evil again and face the ultimate choice—kill or be killed in these ACCELERATING CIRCUMSTANCES.

Accelerating Circumstances

In a moment of blindness,

She said yes.

Anticipation left her breathless.

That he was a stranger,

Added to the danger.

Excitement outweighed any wager.

With no thought or plan,

She went with the man.

Exhilaration heightened the night inside the van.

When they came to a stop,

He got on top.

Arousal masked the gun’s sudden pop.

Every thrust – a release of hate,

Coupling with a lifeless mate.

Disappointment was the murder, not perfect, not great.

Why did she have to die?

Her husband and son will later cry,

For a wife and mother that went goodbye.

The stakes accelerate for each kill,

Striving for the lust of that first thrill.

The disappointment and rage never-ending, until…

Destiny Booze

The very first sentence, verses the very last.

Here are the first and last sentences of my books. Do they get your attention?

The Curse of a Mind

1st Sentence: I am no one.

Last: Who deserves to die?

Predetermined Endings

1st: He watched as she walked across the parking lot of Chappell Pharmaceuticals.

Last: “Me, too,” Angelica said, and then she kissed him.

Altered Beginnings

1st: The door squeaked softly when it opened.

Last: “Hell, sweetheart, you can have mine.”


Based on just the first and last sentence of each book, what are your thoughts? Leave me a comment or send me an email at destinybooze@gmail.com and you could win a free .pdf of one of these books!

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