My Review of HUNTER by Melissa Hosack


Real Elves Don’t Make Cookies.

If there is one thing Gwendolyn Fox hates more than sunlight and stakes, it’s elves. There’s a good reason why vampires and elves avoid one another; it’s because they don’t mix well.

Hunter is an elf, but like none she’s ever met. Rugged and mischievous, Hunter sparks an immediate reaction in Gwen that she struggles to resist. Try as she might to keep her concentration on the missing girl, Gwen falls victim to Hunter’s devilish charm and seductive nature. He’s tall, dark, and dangerous. He’s everything she never expected of an elf and everything she’s attracted to in a man.

An expert on breaking and entering, Hunter has the means to get Gwen into the facility where the child is being held. During their encounters with otherworldly villains, the magnetism between them becomes too much to be ignored.

Despite her instant attraction, Gwen is determined to keep things between herself and Hunter completely professional. Hunter, on the other hand, is determined to seduce his stubborn and guarded vampire partner.

Together, they’ll strive to rescue the imprisoned girl and save the local supernatural community from a vicious werewolf pack. But to do that, Gwen needs to stop Hunter from distracting her. She must find a way to cool her sizzling partner, or be consumed by the flames.
My thoughts:

In the opening, the heroine, Gwendolyn, is beating up a bad guy while talking on a cell phone. Need I say more? She’s a vampire with a tough exterior and a definite chip on her shoulder.

Elves are one of the reasons for Gwendolyn’s grudge against the world. She can’t stand them, not at all. Enter our hero, Hunter. He’s gorgeous, of course. He’s also the kind of guy that could sweep any girl straight off her feet. Oh, he’s also an elf.

The sparks fly between these two right away, but the arguments aren’t the only reason. There’s also a fierce, instant attraction. Yep, light a match and the room might ignite in flames.

With a little suspense as the cherry on top of the romance, this story is very sweet and funny. It is far from the dark, typical plot you expect from a book in the paranormal genre. I enjoyed the change of pace.

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