Review – BRASS IN POCKET by Stephen Puleston

Brass in PocketTwo cops are dead in North Wales. A cryptic message from the killer is left for Detective Inspector Ian Drake. Only one thing is clear. More people are going to die…


I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved the final revelations at the end. The mystery came to a satisfying and surprising conclusion. The police investigation felt natural and realistic for the evidence as it was presented.

Unfortunately, I struggled to like the characters. The hero, Ian Drake is obsessive compulsive to the core. He is different and quirky. I usually like quirky, but I found Ian emotionally closed off from those around him in such a way that I was shut out as well. The most I got from him was irritation and frustration by the investigation. Even when at home with his family, he didn’t plug in, so neither did I.

I think I could like Ian a lot. I hope to see him more emotionally invested going forward. I want him to open up so I can get to know him better. I think that will make all the difference in my opinion.

Thank you to the author for giving me such a puzzle with this murder mystery. The pieces came together in a way I never imagined!


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