Resurrect Romantic Suspense!

My favorite genre of romance is romantic suspense. I bet you could have guessed as much, because that’s what I write. But, I love, love, love to read a great romantic suspense story! I’ll tell you a little secret. I spend much more time reading than writing. 😉

I feel like I’m a minority in my chosen genre lately. What do you think? Do you still enjoy a good romantic suspense? If not, why? Have you grown tired of them? Please say you aren’t tired of them!

sad face

I did a poll on Twitter. Between Contemporary, Historical, Suspense, and Paranormal, suspense came in dead last, the percentage so low it was heartbreaking. Historical and paranormal tied for the lead. I’m so sad about this, fellow readers!

So, can we resurrect romantic suspense? Is there still hope for my favorite books, or should I try writing in another genre? What’s your opinion?

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