New Release – Behind His Perfect Smile – Available Now

Hello Treasured Readers,
I am so happy and excited to announce I have a new book release today!  I sure hope you will consider giving it a read.
I don’t think I can name any one thing that inspired this one. Rather, it is a compilation of many different ideas coming together for a fast-paced romantic suspense with multiple mysterious and complex characters. I’m proud of the end result, and I truly hope you love it!
As always, please reach out and tell me what you think.



Ten years ago, Kenneth Landry killed twelve children in the Virginia Beach area. His wife was his last victim before he disappeared with his youngest daughter, leaving his older daughter, Michaela Landry, alone to face the horror and tragedy left behind.

But Michaela didn’t face it. She fled. She ran away from foster care and found shelter and a new life with a family on a horse ranch in Buena Vista, Virginia. An adult now, she’s left the nightmare in the past—until the morning she saves a little girl’s life and ends up on that evening’s news.

Everything will change in an instant. The past returns. A little girl goes missing.

Luke Ashtor is chasing the next big story. And Michaela is it. He’ll pursue her, her story, and her family’s legacy if he can keep her safe…

Because Kenneth Landry is killing again.


Olaf pounced on the broken doll’s head. He always wanted to play. Even at night when it was time to sleep.

His little tiny body rammed the door as he chewed the hair on the doll, and the door moved a little. Like it wasn’t locked. But it was always locked.

Nicole stood slowly, and made her way over one soft step at a time. She hoped the door was open. She was also scared it might be open.

Hands shaking, she gripped the knob and pulled. It didn’t stop due to a lock. The door creaked softly inward.

Why was this happening? Was it a trick like Ian would play? A test?

Holding her breath, she stepped out of the room. The kitten followed, attacking her heels with its sharp little claws and teeth. It hurt. Nicole didn’t make a sound.

She listened.

The house was quiet. Maybe Sky was asleep. Was she home? Was Nicole there by herself?

She didn’t know what to do.

On tippy toes, she made her way toward the kitchen. If Sky was awake, she would be there. Maybe this was a game?

There was no one in the kitchen. Nicole crept toward the front door. She tried the handle. Locked.

It had one of those high locks. She couldn’t reach.

She quietly snuck back to the kitchen and got a chair. It was heavy. She struggled carrying it.

It slipped from her hands several times. The scrape of the leg hitting the floor was loud. But she didn’t stop.

She needed to hurry.

As soon as she reached the front door, she climbed onto the chair and turned the lock.

Open. She could go. She could really leave.

She climbed back to the floor and slid the chair out of the way. Time to go. Where was Olaf?

Nine times out of ten, he was right at her feet. He wasn’t there now. Had the scrape of the chair scared him?

“Kitty, kitty, kitty,” she whispered.

She couldn’t leave her kitten.

She looked around. Where was he? Was he hiding? Playing?

She grew quiet and listened. Olaf was cute and playful. He could be mean. But he was never quiet.

No sounds came from the house.

She went back to the kitchen, looked under the table. Then she tiptoed back down the hallway toward the playroom. And that’s where she found the little furball. He was back to chewing the hair on the doll.

She reached down and picked him up. Time to go.

When she turned back around, Sky stood in the doorway. “Young lady, you are in trouble.”

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