One quick look: THE CURSE OF A MIND

A Note from the killer:

I am no one.

I am nowhere.

I have nothing.

Have you ever wondered if you are capable of killing someone? What would it take to push you to that point? What could happen to drive you to pure hatred?

What if someone burned down your house? What if someone beat you black and blue? What if someone robbed you of everything you own?
Would you kill?

Go a little deeper. What if someone slept with your wife, even stole her, your house and your kid from you? What if someone raped your wife, brutalized her until she was bleeding inside? What if someone murdered her?

Would you kill?

Even deeper. What if someone slit your wife’s throat and framed you for it? What if she was burned alive? What if you saw it happen, saw her scream and writhe in pain and terror as the flames consumed her?

Would the hate build within? Would it grow so strong that it would smother everything else inside until all that was within numbed, then died? When all that was the inner core of you died, would that be the moment? Would you commit murder?

Think about it, really think about it. Could you do it?

Or would some last shred of humanity save your soul?

I can tell you nothing saved mine in that last moment, no tiny sliver of compassion remained inside of me. I can tell you that the reason I became a killer was much worse than any scenario about a house or about a wife. I can tell you I have no regrets.

No one knows who I am. I answer to no name. Call me rage. Call me vengeance. I am a punisher, an executioner. That is my only purpose now.

There is no fate I fear. No Heaven or Hell. Existence is my curse and my sentence to serve.

Don’t pity me. Don’t hate me. Just fear me.

I know who will die next.

What is reality, but what is real, what is truth? I am not real, but I am reality, because I am what is true. Killing is reality. There is nothing else for me. My work may be quick or slow per my choice. There is no chance of getting caught, no justice for my victims.

I swoop inside, unseen, like an apparition. I will kill you. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. You have no hope.

Death has taken me. I am death. I see, hear, smell and taste hollowness, emptiness, nothing. No sensations exist except what I feel, and what I will make you feel.

Be prepared for my rage. My curse is coming to you…

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