Creative Corner Entry – Poem by Atharva, age 6

Beauty is…

Sun shining,
river flowing,
Birds singing
Flowers growing…

Beauty is nature
and Nature is beauty

to protect it
is our duty.

By Atharva M
at age 6

*Beautiful poem, Atharva! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!*

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New addition to my creative corner!



Those harsh words couldn’t have come from your gentle lips

We seem to bicker more than we kiss

Is there anything more shattering you could say

I give into it all as you walk away


You claim things have changed between you and me

Love is not a factor; and you ask “Can’t you see?”

My heart sinks deep and my ears won’t believe

When you answer my questions with “You should leave.”


I feel like a child scolded for being set in my ways

You stare down on me with your grown up gaze

I cant tell if it’s in anger that you push me away

Or if in fact you love me, and wish I would stay


Then you calmly utter words that you certainly know

Will deepen my hurt and force me to go

You say such love could never be true

As I give up everything to be with you


When my anger erupts you are mildly aware

That your words cut deep and my heart is bare

You lean over to me, sudden gentleness in your eyes

And say your sorry, but our love was all lies


I try to understand; I beg not to weap

My fear comes to surface; my trust goes in deep

Now left to question if I will believe it is true

And pray hate can replace my feelings for you


Kim Crowder

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I’m taking Creative Corner submissions

Hey guys, have you noticed the Creative Corner at ? If not, drop by and check it out. There’s some neat stuff posted there.

I’m currently taking new submissions if anyone has a picture or poem or even short story they would like to send to me. Keep in mind that I keep my website at a PG rating. 🙂

If you have something you would like to send to me, just email it to me at I’ll look it over and post it to my blog and my website!

I also wanted to share with everyone a creative writing site that I recently discovered this week. I was contacted by one of the co-founders, Ben Ewing to have a look. If you’re looking for a place to share your work, you might be interested in People will be able to see your writing and even leave feedback.

Remember: Make-believe is more than a child’s game!

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