Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month? According to, autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

To help raise awareness about this disability, I’m giving away a signed copy of my newest release, The Curse of a Mind to one lucky winner that can answer as many questions about my books as possible. I bet you can figure out the answer to the first question right away. 🙂 For the others, it’s perfectly acceptable to give your best guess! Either send me your answers to or leave me a comment with your answers. Just be sure I have your email address in case you win! Good luck!

1.  In The Curse of a Mind, Chris’s adult brother, Garrett suffers from which developmental disorder?

A.  Aspergers

B.  Mental Retardation

C.  Down Syndrome

D.  Autism

2.  In The Curse of a Mind, what is Chris’s full name?

A.  Chris Chambers

B.  Christopher Chambers

C.  Christine Chambers

D.  Christy Chambers

3.  In The Curse of a Mind, which member of her investigative team wants her job?

A.  Leon

B.  Elliot

C.  Ricky

D.  Aidan

4.  In Altered Beginnings, how many siblings does Jason Altarez have?

A.  one

B.  three

C.  four

D.  five

5.  In Altered Beginnings, what is the name of Freddie’s hit-man?

A.  Robert

B.  Shawn

C.  Nate

D.  Slick

6.  In Predetermined Endings, why are Shawn and Emma fighting at the beginning of the story?

A.  They are fighting over money.

B.  Emma wants Shawn to move in with her, but he wants her to move in with him inside his apartment.

C.  Emma doesn’t like Shawn’s job as a cop.

D.  Shawn thinks Emma dresses too sexily.

7.  In Predetermined Endings, what is William’s pet name for Angelica?

A.  Angel

B.  Sweetheart

C.  Honey

D.  Baby

This contest is open from April 11-14, 2011. Winners will be announced April 15th! Again, good luck. Look here for some other participating bloggers in this important event. There are many more prizes to give away!

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