E-books are everywhere. Authors, do you miss holding your book in your hands?

8580014What was the proudest moment of Cynthia Witherspoon’s writing career? The answer is seeing her book in print, of course! The same could hold true for many authors. It is indeed a wonderful feeling! Read her full interview at Coffee Time Romance here: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/Interviews/2015/CynthiaWitherspoon.html#.VQGa8-Ek7KA

Because of the popularity of e-books, a lot of books don’t make it to print. And, from a business perspective, that’s the way it should be. That’s the way the industry is going. Authors have a great opportunity to make a great income that way. But, sadly, that also means they won’t get to hold that print book in their hands and experience that feeling of magic that happens in that moment.

Authors, do you miss holding your book in your hands? Or, are you happy enough seeing your book  on the screen?

Are authors giving away too many free books?

Promoting is one of the biggest challenges an author has in my opinion. I think most writers would readily agree with that. One promotional tool is offering free books. It’s a tried and proven method of marketing. What company doesn’t offer a free trial? The idea is that if the customer likes it, they will return for more.

Does that work the same way with readers?

The market is getting saturated with free reads. If you like reading e-books, you can download free books all day long. So, is this still an effective marketing strategy for authors? Yes? No? Maybe? Sometimes?

I honestly don’t know. As a writer, I want people to read my work. But, I also want to make money to pay my bills. If I give away too many free reads, am I making it impossible to make money in this business?

I have two reasons for pondering so much about this subject. First off, readers expect free reads now, and they want more than just a sample. They want the whole book for free. I know this because they tell me so. Secondly, as a reader, I download more free books than I buy.That’s shocking to me, because I really want to support my fellow authors, but hey, I’m human. I’m not made of money and I love free stuff!

Ideally, giving away a free sample should be a great marketing tool. I’m worried it has gotten overused. So, are authors giving away too many free books? I would love your opinion.

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The lines between genres are blurring, and this author loves crossing those lines.

INTevagordon2015Author Eva Gordon writes steampunk, historical novels, full of romance and paranormal creatures. She loves mixing all the genres in her writing. Want to find out more about this author? Read her interview with me at Coffee Time Romance and More! I think you’ll enjoy it! http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/Interviews/2015/EvaGordon.html#.VOybCS4k7KA

Or, read her book, Hand of Miriam. Do you like the multiple elements to this story? What is your opinion of cross genres?

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A romantic dinner and a walk along the harbor…Happy Valentine’s Day!

INTdragonwarriorbydianagreenWhat do romance writers want for Valentine’s Day? I asked Author Diana Green if she had plans. Find out what she had to say in an interview at Coffee Time Romance and More. We talked about love, her paranormal release, Dragon Warrior, and how she copes with chronic fatigue syndrome. This is an interesting lady, folks!

Read the interview here: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/Interviews/2015/DianaGreen.html#.VN4Uey4k7KA



Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post. So, what are you wanting from that certain someone this Valentine’s Day?

CTR Interview: Find out why Vicki Batman will make you laugh.

TemporarilyEmployed_300 x 200

New job. New romance. And murder: Temporarily Employed

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Vicki Batman, author of Temporarily Employed, a romantic comedy and mystery. This book is her first full-length novel and it was a very fun read. Vicki and I also talked about what kinds of jobs she had before beginning her writing career. Read the interview to learn more about this sweet lady!





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Reviewers – Are you honest?

I heard a story this week about a reader at Goodreads getting harassed by an author there. That is bad news. It got me to thinking.

I’m an author. In a perfect world, I would get ALL five-star reviews for ALL my books. A girl can dream, can’t she? Too bad this isn’t a perfect world, right?

The truth is I’m not going to like all the reviews of my books. That’s the way it goes in this diverse world of ours. I can accept that. It’s okay to have differences of opinion. That’s what makes chatting about books fun, true? Or, is it all fun? The reader on Goodreads was probably not having fun.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard author friends begging for reviews, then complaining about those reviews. And honestly, it’s tough to pour your hear and soul into something, then have someone rip it apart. I get that.

But, it’s not just authors complaining. I’ve had a reviewer contact me after I reposted her review of my book. The review wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. She got in touch with me because she wanted to know if she had upset me. The answer is irrelevant. I didn’t repost the review to make her uncomfortable. All reviews should be a source of promotion for me. Good or bad, I want people talking about my books. So, I guess I was confused by her reaction. Should I not have reposted the review? Reviewers, would you rather authors not look at reviews?

Authors need reviews. They want them and reviewers want free books. Why does it feel like everyone is of the opinion that reviews can only be posted if they are good? I know a review site that will only post the good ones. Obviously, not everyone feels this way. Some people just enjoy criticizing. I don’t mean that in a bad way. They read the books with the intent of telling you everything that’s wrong with it. I have friends that do the same things with food at restaurants. That’s just the way they are, you know?

So, reviewers, do some of you feel pressured to only put good reviews out there? Do you feel like you can write honest reviews? Would you prefer authors not see the reviews at all?

Admittedly, I’ve done a few reviews, and that is the way I feel. One time, I had an author contact me and ask that I take the review down. Personally, I found that to be very unprofessional of them, but I did it anyway. I do feel pressured to write only good things. I’m not afraid for them to see it. For me, it’s more like I just want to be nice and not feel guilty about saying anything mean. What are your thoughts?

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AGAINST THE GAME by Destiny Booze Excerpt # 2

Here’s what is currently in progress…I hope you like it!…

There were more than a couple snakes, more than ten, upwards of even hundreds. There had to be thousands of them. The dirt of the tunnel was hardly visible beneath the reptiles. Indeed, the floor looked as if it moved.

It would be impossible to walk through them without getting bit. Would he have time to hit the button before he died in the game? He had to get out before the venom killed him. That was the only way he would survive.

He looked down at his bare feet and cringed. No matter, he had to do this! There was no other way out of there. He had to get to that red exit button so he could save Lacey and Paula. Nothing else mattered.

Why wouldn’t his damn feet move?

He took a deep breath, reaching for courage. When that didn’t help, he pictured Lacey in his mind, reminding himself what he was doing this for. She needed him and he would not let her down.

After one more breath, he took one hesitant step forward, burrowing his foot slowly down between the snakes, feeling for the floor. He had to use his toes to ease in between them, even scoot a few out of his way. If he could manage not to hurt them, maybe he could avoid a bite. Maybe.

He had to force himself not to jerk away from the feel of the snakes sliding against his bare foot. This was absolute torture. It was hell.

Finally, he placed his foot to the floor and moved forward with the next foot. One step was down and he wasn’t bitten. He tried to move as little as possible, but he was helpless against the trembling that violently shook him.

Eric didn’t consider himself a coward. Only an idiot wouldn’t have been scared. He was smart enough to know he was probably one step closer to his death.

His foot hit the floor again, so he moved to attempt step number three. He continued to think about Lacey. If he died, would she be shocked to know that she was listed as his chosen beneficiary?

What would Lacey do with all he owned? She would probably donate it to the hospital, he guessed. She was that kind of person. Even when they first met, she seemed unimpressed with his family’s money. He still hadn’t figured out what did impress her. He guessed he was still trying.

He held his breath through the next few steps when he felt some very large snakes in the mix. It had to have been a python. At least that kind of snake wasn’t poisonous. The bite wouldn’t kill him. It would just cause a lot of pain.

He wished he had told Lacey he loved her. You know, really loved her, not just the friendship kind of thing. That was the answer to why he’d kissed her. He loved her. It was as simple as it was complex. He had always loved her. How did she not know that by now?

Eric winced when he felt a sharp pain just above his left ankle. It was a snake bite. He tried hard not to jerk away, afraid that would cause more bites. It hurt so bad. This snake didn’t give a quick bite and recoil. No, it bit and started chewing.

Without any other choice, he ignored the pain and kept going, dragging the snake along. His next step was wobbly and he stepped down on a snake. It bit, a quick attack this time, not clinging to him like the other one. Then, he felt another bite. Maybe it was a different snake or maybe it was a second bite from the same one.

It was time to get moving. Going slow wasn’t working anymore.

He quit worrying about where his feet went and started moving faster. He used a leaping motion to make his steps bigger. He had to get to that exit sign as quickly as possible.

The snakes continued to bite him with just about every step he took. He kept close to the wall and used one hand for balance so he didn’t fall. If he went down, he wouldn’t get back up.

He started feeling nauseous. His head started swimming and he had to lean on the wall more and more as he went. Who knew what kind of snake venom he had in his blood stream by now? He knew one thing was for sure. He didn’t have much time or he was not going to make it to that button.

The distance seemed more and more impossible to him even though he was now three quarters of the way there. He didn’t think he would make it before he passed out. He hated damn snakes. He did not want to die this way!

His feet grew slick beneath him and Eric knew the moisture was blood, his blood. His hands began to tingle and he realized he had bites there as well. Were these stupid snakes jumping now?

Three more steps and he went down. He couldn’t help it. His legs just gave out. He had no choice but to start crawling.

The reptiles went into a biting frenzy, attacking him everywhere at once and he let out a scream. Many of them stayed attached, flopping against him. The pain was everywhere now. He couldn’t distinguish one bite from the next. He hurt all over.

This was a terrifyingly for-real horror movie scene. He couldn’t think of a more horrific way to go out of this world, but he didn’t stop. He couldn’t. He had to keep moving!

It was definitely a miracle that he made it to the end of the hall, but he did. The exit button sat above his head, ready for him to push it, but he couldn’t get up. He tried. The tingling that was in his hands had spread everywhere. He was numb, whether from a side effect of venom or from a state of shock, he couldn’t be sure.

“Come on!” he growled at himself.

He tried again, digging his fingers into the wall to pull himself up. Again, he thought of Lacey. He couldn’t let her die because of his creation. That was unacceptable to him.

He shook violently, but his body did rise. He used his very last burst of energy to slam his fist into the exit button. Then, he let himself fall into unconsciousness.

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Write what you don’t know…

Yeah, I know. Everyone says the opposite, don’t they? But really, if you write fiction, there should be no rules, no limitations. You are the one that sets the rules. Why not really let that imagination go wild?

As writers, we have a creative license to take a story anywhere we want to go. Why should we just stick with what we know? We are the masters of our own worlds on that page…well, almost.

You really can write what you want…as long as the reader is willing to follow. The limitations are such that the reader must be able to understand what they are reading, to find is comprehensible and believable. The limitations are such that the reader must want to read what they are reading. So, as a writer, if you can grab that reader from that first page, the truth is there are no rules.

Isn’t that liberating? So, here’s what I think we should do. Stop writing out words just to get them on the page. Start writing something that gets your heartbeat fluttering as the words come out. If you are passionate about what you are writing, if you feel the words that leave your head, I believe the reader will feel those same emotions.

Write what you know if that is what inspires you. But, if not, write about what you don’t. Make it up. Make-believe is more than a child’s game!


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You never can tell what the reader will think…

So, I have a very close friend who recently read my current work in progress. When I asked her for some feeback, she said, “I didn’t like any part of it.”

Ouch! That’s how I felt about that one. She’s not much of a romance reader, she went on to explain. It probably isn’t that bad, she assures me.

But…do you want to know what one of her favorite books is? FIFTY SHADES of GREY by E L James! I guess I don’t understand the thinking there.

So, my feelings are admittedly hurt. It has been a while since a review really caused me too much of a sting. After all, opinions vary, and that happens to be something I love about this life. And, as a writer, you have to have a thick skin. You really do.

I wanted to get your opinion on this situation. Because we are more sensitive to what the people we love think, should writers not let those closest to them read their writing until it is published? What do you suggest?

This writer is probably going to scrap her entire WIP and start over. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe the next book I write will be that huge, breakout novel, yes?

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Do you like your writing?

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Being a paid author is one of the most amazing jobs in the whole wide world in my opinion. But, no one said it was easy.

The first step is one of the hardest: writing the book. It takes a lot of focus and dedication to finish a novel. It’s easy to start a book. You have a great idea and you’re super excited to start getting those words to paper. Then, something happens and those words slow way down, or even stop…

Do you find yourself getting bored with what you’re writing? Maybe you should add in a subplot to keep the blood flowing through the pages. Or, maybe that character needs something to make them a bit more interesting, some kind of flaw, or challenge. Sure, it’s more work, but it’s worth it. Let’s face facts…if you get bored writing it, people will get bored reading it.

Enjoy your writing. Love your own work. The rest will follow.

I know writers that say they cringe when they go back and read their books. I hope that never is the case with me. I love my stories. Sure, I see some mistakes. I always notice things I would certainly change if I were to ever rewrite it. But, I love what I’ve done. I’m proud of it. Can you say the same?

That is my hope for all writers out there. I hope you love your writing and I hope you love what you do! Happy writing, friends! 🙂

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