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Wonderful characters, kept me turning the pages.

Christine Woinich wrote the following review.

5 Stars

“This story caught me and would not let go! The instant attraction between Brooke and Scott was great but not the only pull in this story. I had to know what happened, who did it, and could not stop turning pages. I loved how Brooke’s deafness did not stop any of the story, love, danger, etc. keep her from doing things. Scott’s instant protectiveness made him a wonderful counterpart. From Brooke’s past tragedies to the current situation, I enjoyed the entire package. I highly recommend this story.”



Goodreads Review by Grady Harp

5 Stars

“…Destiny writes romantic suspense novels, and her concepts for stories are enhanced by the out of the ordinary characters she carves…Having created a deaf heroine whose live is lived in 5 minute intervals makes for a fascinating device for a romance…This is a stunningly original novel, well written and tense enough to satisfy the most finicky suspense story lovers. Highly recommended.” ~ Grady Harp


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Would you like to review ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES?

ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES is scheduled to be released 08/24/18! 🙂


Scott wants to help Brooke find her missing twin, but he might not be able to. He’s damaged, and she needs a hero. Can he be the man she needs?



Want to read a full blurb? Click here: https://destinybooze.wordpress.com/2018/04/27/another-five-minutes-cover-reveal/

Review copies are available now. If interested in receiving a free .pdf or .mobi file for your honest review, send an email requesting a review copy to: destinyboozeauthor@gmail.com.

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Reviewers – Are you honest?

I heard a story this week about a reader at Goodreads getting harassed by an author there. That is bad news. It got me to thinking.

I’m an author. In a perfect world, I would get ALL five-star reviews for ALL my books. A girl can dream, can’t she? Too bad this isn’t a perfect world, right?

The truth is I’m not going to like all the reviews of my books. That’s the way it goes in this diverse world of ours. I can accept that. It’s okay to have differences of opinion. That’s what makes chatting about books fun, true? Or, is it all fun? The reader on Goodreads was probably not having fun.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard author friends begging for reviews, then complaining about those reviews. And honestly, it’s tough to pour your hear and soul into something, then have someone rip it apart. I get that.

But, it’s not just authors complaining. I’ve had a reviewer contact me after I reposted her review of my book. The review wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. She got in touch with me because she wanted to know if she had upset me. The answer is irrelevant. I didn’t repost the review to make her uncomfortable. All reviews should be a source of promotion for me. Good or bad, I want people talking about my books. So, I guess I was confused by her reaction. Should I not have reposted the review? Reviewers, would you rather authors not look at reviews?

Authors need reviews. They want them and reviewers want free books. Why does it feel like everyone is of the opinion that reviews can only be posted if they are good? I know a review site that will only post the good ones. Obviously, not everyone feels this way. Some people just enjoy criticizing. I don’t mean that in a bad way. They read the books with the intent of telling you everything that’s wrong with it. I have friends that do the same things with food at restaurants. That’s just the way they are, you know?

So, reviewers, do some of you feel pressured to only put good reviews out there? Do you feel like you can write honest reviews? Would you prefer authors not see the reviews at all?

Admittedly, I’ve done a few reviews, and that is the way I feel. One time, I had an author contact me and ask that I take the review down. Personally, I found that to be very unprofessional of them, but I did it anyway. I do feel pressured to write only good things. I’m not afraid for them to see it. For me, it’s more like I just want to be nice and not feel guilty about saying anything mean. What are your thoughts?

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Review – BRASS IN POCKET by Stephen Puleston

Brass in PocketTwo cops are dead in North Wales. A cryptic message from the killer is left for Detective Inspector Ian Drake. Only one thing is clear. More people are going to die…


I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved the final revelations at the end. The mystery came to a satisfying and surprising conclusion. The police investigation felt natural and realistic for the evidence as it was presented.

Unfortunately, I struggled to like the characters. The hero, Ian Drake is obsessive compulsive to the core. He is different and quirky. I usually like quirky, but I found Ian emotionally closed off from those around him in such a way that I was shut out as well. The most I got from him was irritation and frustration by the investigation. Even when at home with his family, he didn’t plug in, so neither did I.

I think I could like Ian a lot. I hope to see him more emotionally invested going forward. I want him to open up so I can get to know him better. I think that will make all the difference in my opinion.

Thank you to the author for giving me such a puzzle with this murder mystery. The pieces came together in a way I never imagined!


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Review – THE TAKERS by R.W. Ridley

4 out of 5 stars…

I was so pleasantly surprised by this story. This book is a journey through a wildly imaginative and creative mind. It was different and exciting and I really loved it.

I would call this a young adult novel, but not too young. It is very scary in places. It is also funny and sad and adventurous. The main character is a thirteen year old boy named Oz who begins the story by telling the reader a heartbreaking confession of how he bullied another boy with down syndrome.

Oz is honest that he was not kind to the other boy. But, as the story unfolds, it turns into a great lesson about bullying and its consequences. I loved the way the lesson was worked into the story.

The Takers are one of the monsters in the story. Oz awakens to discover he’s alone in the world. He cannot find his parents, his neighbors or his friends. His only companion at first is his family’s dog.

Setting out to save the world, you get the feeling Oz is redeeming himself. I like that he isn’t the stereotypical hero. He isn’t perfect. He’s small, unsure of himself, and he made me root for him the whole way.

On his journey, he meets some really great friends that I thought were exceptional side characters. Some of them are not human. I hope you consider reading this book, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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A disturbing book to read…

Blurb:  Nature Kranderson, a reclusive psychic, stumbles upon the work of a serial killer when she tries to locate a missing teen for her family. For some reason, the killers face remains shrouded. That has never happened before. She has always been able to ID them. It frustrates her, and makes her a little nervous. Unfortunately, she can see everything he does to the girls—every perverted detail—including a wire whisk used on one girl and a riding crop on another. He gets off keeping them naked and using them as often as possible before he becomes disenchanted. When that happens, death follows.

Nature joins forces with Sheriff Web Westerly and begins a cross-country journey that takes them to Florida. Another teenage girl is missing from the Brevard County area, and the police have asked for her help. They want to find the girl before anything happens to her. After they arrive, Nature discovers her
disappearance has nothing to do with the ‘Man’, as she’s dubbed the killer.

While in Florida, the police approach her about another missing girl. She was taken from a park near the beach and they suspect it may be the serial killer who has her. Nature confirms their suspicions. Afterwards, thinking her work is done, she gets ready to go home, back to Montana. Before that happens, she is called upon for another case in Daytona. The Man has struck again.

The news people catch wind of the missing girls. They learn of Nature’s involvement and track her down, seeking an exclusive interview, flashing her face across the television screen once they locate her. Unfortunately, someone else is watching that day. A serial killer is looking for his next target, and he thinks he may have found her on the news.

Note: This book contains graphic sexual content, violence and adult language. Intended for a mature audience.

My thoughts: I’m not going to give a full assessment of my opinion about Innocence Taken, because the book was just too much for me to stomach. I’m not usually squeamish about violence, death, blood, guts, etc. I like the horror genre, but this was different. There was unexpected content in this book that went beyond what I want to read.

For me, the problem was the rape scenes. The rape victims enjoyed being raped. That really disturbed me and I didn’t like it.

With that said, if you would not be bothered by such content, the writing is solid, the characters are well-developed and the killer is original and scary.

Where to buy: http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/janet_durbin/innocencetaken_info.html

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My Review of HUNTER by Melissa Hosack


Real Elves Don’t Make Cookies.

If there is one thing Gwendolyn Fox hates more than sunlight and stakes, it’s elves. There’s a good reason why vampires and elves avoid one another; it’s because they don’t mix well.

Hunter is an elf, but like none she’s ever met. Rugged and mischievous, Hunter sparks an immediate reaction in Gwen that she struggles to resist. Try as she might to keep her concentration on the missing girl, Gwen falls victim to Hunter’s devilish charm and seductive nature. He’s tall, dark, and dangerous. He’s everything she never expected of an elf and everything she’s attracted to in a man.

An expert on breaking and entering, Hunter has the means to get Gwen into the facility where the child is being held. During their encounters with otherworldly villains, the magnetism between them becomes too much to be ignored.

Despite her instant attraction, Gwen is determined to keep things between herself and Hunter completely professional. Hunter, on the other hand, is determined to seduce his stubborn and guarded vampire partner.

Together, they’ll strive to rescue the imprisoned girl and save the local supernatural community from a vicious werewolf pack. But to do that, Gwen needs to stop Hunter from distracting her. She must find a way to cool her sizzling partner, or be consumed by the flames.
My thoughts:

In the opening, the heroine, Gwendolyn, is beating up a bad guy while talking on a cell phone. Need I say more? She’s a vampire with a tough exterior and a definite chip on her shoulder.

Elves are one of the reasons for Gwendolyn’s grudge against the world. She can’t stand them, not at all. Enter our hero, Hunter. He’s gorgeous, of course. He’s also the kind of guy that could sweep any girl straight off her feet. Oh, he’s also an elf.

The sparks fly between these two right away, but the arguments aren’t the only reason. There’s also a fierce, instant attraction. Yep, light a match and the room might ignite in flames.

With a little suspense as the cherry on top of the romance, this story is very sweet and funny. It is far from the dark, typical plot you expect from a book in the paranormal genre. I enjoyed the change of pace.

Where to buy: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=hunter+melissa+hosack&x=0&y=0

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“…never experienced before…” Read the full review!

From Anna, Goodreads Reader, here’s a new review for The Curse of a Mind:

“Highly psychological in its whole, yet lighthearted and entertaining, this novel is highly worth the time it takes to snuggle up and read.

As the story proceeds, there are twists and turns that all of the characters never expected to come across. I have to admit, at the end, there was quite the surprise awaiting me.

The character dynamics easily mesh together, yet each individual has the ability to stand on their own & be a strong lead. The continuing development of the “love interest” allows the story line to drastically deepen, despite the suggestion that this relationship will never fully develop.

The killer — well, that’s a whole different topic. Something that can only be described as both highly interesting and disturbing. Something that I have never experienced before within a novel.

As for everything else in between, you need to read it yourself to find out!”

Also, there’s exciting news! The print version of this book is on sale right now at Amazon for $9.37. It’s originally $12.95. It’s also eligible for super saving shipping! Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Curse-Mind-Destiny-Booze/dp/1936167344/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1305810686&sr=8-2

For more buy links, including this book in e-book format, click here: http://novelistdestinybooze.books.officelive.com/thecurseofamind.aspx

“…emotional upsets that made me gasp…” Read the review!

Author Tamela Quijas read The Curse of a Mind. Here’s a tidbit of what she had to say…

“A Curse of the Mind was a spine tingling rollercoaster ride through my favorite subjects, murder and the unknown.  Ms. Booze provides an exceptional story filled with second-guessing, twists and turns, and emotional upsets that made me gasp.  This is the best novel yet to come from Destiny’s hand, and I recommend A Curse of the Mind to anyone looking for that novel that will make you wonder just who has insight into your thoughts….”

Read the full review at http://tamelaquijas.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/my-review-of-a-curse-of-the-mind-by-destiny-booze/

Could it be this character is too tough?

Chris Chambers, my heroine in The Curse of a Mind is tough and damaged and she has lots of spunk. Some of the things that happen in her past are not for the faint of heart. I love how she overcomes and prevails throughout the story despite such a rough beginning in life.

That’s one of the messages I love to pass on to readers. No matter what happens to someone in life, they can find a way to overcome it!

But…I realize writers can go overboard. Did I make Chris too tough in this story? Here’s one reviewer that seems to think so. Read the review and share your thoughts with me! I love the feedback!


They can’t win. The perpetrator is using a marvel in the medical field known as techlepathy, a combination of technology and telepathy to produce a telepathic result. He’s reading their minds. How can they possibly get away when he knows their every move?

Chris Chambers is a private investigator with great instincts and a shady past. She works with a skilled team on cases that most P.I.’s won’t touch. She’s hardened to life, hardened to people and as tough as the military trained her to be.

Her team’s newest case is a construction worker by the name of Aidan Wolfe. Aidan is hardheaded and successful, a man with no friends and a long list of enemies. Someone is trying to kill him, someone with extraordinary gifts.

The investigative team and Aidan will be confronted with their worst enemies—themselves. They are cursed to face their own thoughts, inner fears, prejudices, and every private feeling or emotion they have as this man toys with their minds and hearts.

Can they survive? By the end, will they want to?

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