Another Five Minutes

I like to write an introductory poem for my books. I did it for my first published novel. A few readers said it was cool… Their praise made me feel pretty awesome. So, now I do it for every book, you know, because feeling awesome is cool. Here’s the new one for my current work-in-progress. What do you think?

I feel time slipping away.

Will you please, please stay?

Give me five more minutes, please.

I am begging on my knees.

I fear losing you so much.

Promise me at least one last touch.

You belong to me, of course, you know.

And yet, there you go.

The emptiness instantly imprisons me.

Please, my love, return and set me free.

The silence and anxiety echo inside these walls.

With you gone, I am nothing, nothing at all.

My ache churns, my passion fueling hate into flames.

It is torture and death to endure such pain.

Come home so I may breathe again, my love!

Let me show you what we are made of.

One more chance for you is all I give.

Return to me if you want to live.

No other may have you, it's true.

When I die, my darling, so will you.

Five more minutes I delay for your sake.

An eternity it shall be before we wake.

You and I are one soul bound together.

Our love is forever.

Destiny Booze

Creative Corner Entry – Poem by Atharva, age 6

Beauty is…

Sun shining,
river flowing,
Birds singing
Flowers growing…

Beauty is nature
and Nature is beauty

to protect it
is our duty.

By Atharva M
at age 6

*Beautiful poem, Atharva! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!*

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New addition to my creative corner!



Those harsh words couldn’t have come from your gentle lips

We seem to bicker more than we kiss

Is there anything more shattering you could say

I give into it all as you walk away


You claim things have changed between you and me

Love is not a factor; and you ask “Can’t you see?”

My heart sinks deep and my ears won’t believe

When you answer my questions with “You should leave.”


I feel like a child scolded for being set in my ways

You stare down on me with your grown up gaze

I cant tell if it’s in anger that you push me away

Or if in fact you love me, and wish I would stay


Then you calmly utter words that you certainly know

Will deepen my hurt and force me to go

You say such love could never be true

As I give up everything to be with you


When my anger erupts you are mildly aware

That your words cut deep and my heart is bare

You lean over to me, sudden gentleness in your eyes

And say your sorry, but our love was all lies


I try to understand; I beg not to weap

My fear comes to surface; my trust goes in deep

Now left to question if I will believe it is true

And pray hate can replace my feelings for you


Kim Crowder

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I’m taking Creative Corner submissions

Hey guys, have you noticed the Creative Corner at ? If not, drop by and check it out. There’s some neat stuff posted there.

I’m currently taking new submissions if anyone has a picture or poem or even short story they would like to send to me. Keep in mind that I keep my website at a PG rating. 🙂

If you have something you would like to send to me, just email it to me at I’ll look it over and post it to my blog and my website!

I also wanted to share with everyone a creative writing site that I recently discovered this week. I was contacted by one of the co-founders, Ben Ewing to have a look. If you’re looking for a place to share your work, you might be interested in People will be able to see your writing and even leave feedback.

Remember: Make-believe is more than a child’s game!

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Why not write a poem this month?

April is National Poetry Month. Want to try your hand at a poem? Go for it! I would love to read it. You can send it to me at

Please, Say Please

By: Destiny Booze


A bump on the arm by a busy passerby,

Never looked back and I sigh,

Would a simple excuse me really hurt?

Has it become normal to be so curt?


Perhaps he didn’t feel the bang of our collision,

Or couldn’t stray from some mission.

Time is usually of the essence,

And tardiness, though common, results in penance.


Manners are rarer these days, it seems,

As individuals take the honor, and not the team.

Is family a word of lesser importance?

Will success become greater than accordance?


I want to hear please and thank you,

An excuse me, or a how do you do.

Please, say please and thank you,

If not for me, then for you.

Also, here is an introductory poem to my current Work in Progress:

Accelerating Circumstances



In a
moment of blindness,

She said

left her breathless.


That he
was a stranger,

Added to
the danger.

outweighed any wager.


With no
thought or plan,

She went
with the man.

heightened the night inside the van.


When they
came to a stop,

He got on

masked the gun’s sudden pop.


thrust – a release of hate,

with a lifeless mate.

was the murder, not perfect, not great.


Why did
she have to die?

husband and son will later cry,

For a
wife and mother that went goodbye.


stakes accelerate for each kill,

for the lust of that first thrill.

disappointment and rage never-ending, until…


Destiny Booze

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Motivational Monday – Judge Not!

~Author Unknown

I was shocked, confused,

   As I entered
Heaven’s door, 

Not by the beauty of it

Nor the lights or its

But it was the folks in

Who made me sputter and

The thieves, the liars, the

The alcoholics and the

There stood the kid from
seventh grade 

Who swiped my lunch money

Next to him was my old

Who never said anything

Herb, who I always

Was rotting away in

Was sitting pretty on cloud

Looking incredibly

I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the

I would love to hear Your

How’d all these sinners get
up here? 

God must’ve made a

‘And why is everyone so

So somber – give me a

‘Hush, child,’ He said,
‘they’re all in

No one thought they’d be
seeing you.’ 


Remember…Just going to
church doesn’t make you

Christian any more than
standing in your garage makes you a

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Seeing the Truth

I write an introductory poem for my books. I found this poem that I wrote in high school yesterday. Book material? What do you think?

Seeing the Truth
By: Destiny Booze

Somewhere inside this darkness there must be a light,
But, struggling through the emptiness I am without sight.

Listening to loud whispers that drift freely in the air,
I reach out to touch what I know must be there.

With a renewed hope I rely on senses that sometimes prove to be untrue,
by bravely stretching out a hand into an endless fog to find nothing new.

People who see my sad condition can only react by being kind,
If only they knew, I am not blind…

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Motivational Monday – Hope

By: KC

As one walks along the road of life
And trips upon a troubles strife,
We commonly cry and stumble a bit.
But we keep on going and will not quit.

This poem was sent into me for my creative corner. If anyone else would like to submit something, please email me at

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Addition to Creative Corner – Funny Face by Jake, age 7

Funny Face
by Jake, age 7 of MN

Funny face, funny face!

Stick out your tongue and wiggle your toes.
Cross your eyes and wrinkle your nose.
Raise your brows and tilt your head.
Give it your best and make your cheeks red.

Funny face, funny face!

Laugh until you cry.
Turn your voice up and say hi.
Share the grin.
That’s how to make a friend.

Funny face, funny face!

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New Addition to My Creative Corner – Poems by Adam, age 8

Poems by Adam, age 8, of Virginia:

Oh! Jesus!

Oh! Jesus! Oh! Jesus!

The Lord of our birth.
Give us hope,
Never should we mope.
Give us love,
Like that of a dove.
Let your heart soar
And be smart about Jesus forever more.


I can’t wait, try with all my might.

Christmas snow so bright.
The most pleasant sight!
Go to bed quick,
Don’t be slick,
Get your goods from ol’ St. Nick.
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