Hello 2015! What’s going to happen this year?

I’m not big on resolutions. I’m the type to vow to eat healthy for the new year…skip that thought for January 1st because I have to snack during football…eat healthy for January 2nd, maybe the 3rd…and give up by January 4th. What can I say? I have no good excuse. I love to eat and I have no will power!

With that said, I think I we should all make a few goals for 2015. Serious, realistic, attainable goals. We need to get specific and hold ourselves accountable to them. Pretty much, I’m preaching to myself here, but I don’t want to feel alone, so I’ll drag my readers into this, too. 🙂

Professionally, I am going to get myself on a strict writing schedule and stick to it. That is tough for me working from home. It is too easy to fall into house chores instead of the work I’m supposed to be doing. The grocery store is much less crowded during the day before everyone else gets off work, you know? But, writing is my job. It has to come before anything else. I will make a realistic schedule that works for me and my family, and it will be a priority.

Personally, I do want to improve my health. I am going to make small goals throughout the year. Thinking too big in this area will just make me give up. I’m going to start with just one thing. I’m going to drink more water. I am going to carry one of those big insulated cups and fill it up at least four times during the day. Next month, I’ll add one more goal to improve my health.

I want to smile more, pray more, and worry much less! I will make time every morning to read God’s word and say a prayer to begin each day. My faith is what will guide me through the year.

I will choose not to let the small things bother me. That’s easier said than done, especially with a budding teenager in the house. I love my son more than anything. He is the light of my life, but something changed the moment he hit middle school. It is like his mouth has turned into some monstrous black hole full of sarcasm and back talk. His eyes changed, too. They roll around after everything I say. He doesn’t think it is funny at all when I suggest he go to an eye doctor and get that checked out. lol

Finally, I will choose to smile more. I will do it on purpose! Fake it until you make it, right?

Welcome 2015!

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