Write what you don’t know…

Yeah, I know. Everyone says the opposite, don’t they? But really, if you write fiction, there should be no rules, no limitations. You are the one that sets the rules. Why not really let that imagination go wild?

As writers, we have a creative license to take a story anywhere we want to go. Why should we just stick with what we know? We are the masters of our own worlds on that page…well, almost.

You really can write what you want…as long as the reader is willing to follow. The limitations are such that the reader must be able to understand what they are reading, to find is comprehensible and believable. The limitations are such that the reader must want to read what they are reading. So, as a writer, if you can grab that reader from that first page, the truth is there are no rules.

Isn’t that liberating? So, here’s what I think we should do. Stop writing out words just to get them on the page. Start writing something that gets your heartbeat fluttering as the words come out. If you are passionate about what you are writing, if you feel the words that leave your head, I believe the reader will feel those same emotions.

Write what you know if that is what inspires you. But, if not, write about what you don’t. Make it up. Make-believe is more than a child’s game!


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