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Against the Game Excerpt

His eyes stayed locked on whatever was back there. “Lacey, I need you to do something for me. Very slowly start walking towards me. No sudden movements and don’t turn around.”

She knew there was something terrible and dangerous behind her. Her first thought was a snake. A full body shiver threatened, and she fought to stay still, terrified of feeling fangs at any minute.

She gulped hard and took a step forward, then another. Nothing struck her from behind. Eric’s eyes never wavered, and that terrified her more than anything. What had him so scared that he wouldn’t take his eyes off it?

After one more step, she was almost to him. Unable to resist any longer, she turned…

…and screamed.

It wasn’t a snake. It was something much, much worse. The first thing she noticed were eyes—huge, multiple, shiny, black eyes. It had hair all over its body and many pairs of legs. It was enormous in size, taller than she or Eric.

Holy…mother…of…God. What was that thing?

She didn’t even realize she was moving, walking backwards, until she bumped into Eric’s hard body behind her. He never once looked away from the creature while he guided her behind him, putting himself between her and it.

“Wh- What is that?” Lacey stammered.

“I think it’s a spider,” he said softly.

They both spoke low as if afraid any sound might make the creature move. In unison, they began moving backwards together, Lacey clinging onto him. Somewhere between fear and panic, she let her heels fall off her feet so she was ready if she needed to run like a mad woman.

Suddenly, the creature reared up on its back legs, showing off two huge fangs, and sprang at them.

Eric and Lacey turned and ran. He was faster. It didn’t take long for her to fall behind. Neither of them dared to look at the spider. Lacey was terrified it would pounce on her at any second. She imagined she felt the hairs of the spider touching her back, right on her heels.

Suddenly, Eric did look back. “Lacey, come on. You’ve got to move faster!”

If she could have, she would have yelled at him to shut up in that moment, but she couldn’t spare the oxygen. Couldn’t he see that she was going as fast as she could go?

He slowed just enough to let her catch up, gripped her hand, and forced her onward. He made her go even faster than before, and she pushed ahead with everything she had. God help them both if she tripped, she thought.

The tunnel continued on and on, but they reached a point where other tunnels merged off to the left and right. What, at first, seemed like one long tunnel, now turned into a maze of intersecting passages.

Eric never turned them, and Lacey had to wonder if he feared them getting lost.

They ran and ran and ran. Her lungs burned, but no amount of discomfort would make her stop. That thing was right behind them.

Then, on her next step, Lacey knew before she started falling that she’d messed up. Her foot turned just enough to trip her, and she went tumbling, arms flailing out of control, landing into Eric. He immediately tripped, and they both went to the ground.

Then, the spider was there.

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