Shut Up!

You can’t do anything right.

You are a bad person.

You will fail.

No one likes you.

We all have that crazy mantra in our head, that voice we hear that is our own. Maybe you hear the sentences above or maybe something totally different. Sometimes it is our own words, other times they are things people have said about us.

My son is getting to that age where he really pays attention to what everyone thinks of him. He is situationally shy and insecure at times when he never has seemed so before. I often ask him, “What are you thinking about yourself?”

I know my own inner voice can get negative sometimes, especially on those days when I’m tired or not feeling my best. The problem is that our thoughts and perceptions control how we live our lives. Our thoughts control who we are. We can never be too careful what we are thinking.

So, ask yourself, “Are my thoughts positive or negative?”

They need to be positive. If they aren’t, here’s the thing to do. Tell them to shut up!

Yeah, you might be saying? Just tell myself to shut up? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

You are in control of your life. If a negative thought slips through, open that mouth and speak a positive one out loud. We aren’t victims. We can make the choice of who we are and what we are going to do.

Let’s take control. Today, I choose to really enjoy being me. I like who I am. How about you?

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