“Action was predominate…” Read Lori’s Review…

ImageReview posted on Goodreads by Lori:

I am so thankful to Destiny for her to have given me a free PDF copy of THE CURSE OF THE MIND. I dove into reading it without reading any synopsis for the book or any reviews, etc. so I was not quite sure what to expect.

I was delightfully drawn into a world of great characters. Action was predominate so I was not bored in the slightest. Each character in this fantastic novel has “great character” WITHIN each and every one of them. Each character also possesses their own charm and skills to behold which draw them tightly together for the common good to do their job and to protect society. A moderate amount of romance exists between the two main characters — just enough to keep the reader wondering if two people are meant for each other during the fast-paced suspense plot of intrigue. But certainly NOT enough to turn off any reader not looking for romance.

The storyline was unique and creative and I felt like I was a part of the team of Private Investigators in this novel who are trying to track down an evil maniac. A GREAT team! This novel kept me interested and intrigued all the time by the action and wondering how in the world the team could track down a killer as elusive as smoke. Too elusive. Therefore, it would seem the only answer as to why they couldn’t find the villain was because he was one of the PI team of investigators trying to find him. Was there an infiltrator? Not one single other alternative made sense. The author used this advantage to keep the reader interested with every turn of the page. Suspense at its best!

When I finally found out who the “perp” was I was, at first, disillusioned. But then I remembered how one of my favorite stories had a similar (yet very different at the same time) villain and it changed my mind from disillusionment to — great idea! Without revealing any spoilers, I would have never ever guessed who the villain ended up being.

THE CURSE OF THE MIND was definitely a fast-paced psychological thriller, a page-turner and a super source of excitement and emotion for the reader — from start to finish. I definitely hope to read more from this inspiring newer author!

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