I finally know what I’m looking for…

I have a confession to make. I’m a people-watcher in more than one aspect. My attention naturally waivers to fascinating people in a crowd — that overly happy lady drinking coffee and chatting on her cell phone about her day, the man jogging by at a steady pace, the teenager with his chin held high and proud.

I also love watching people on TV. Weight loss success stories fascinate me. Tribute stories to those that have given so much of themselves to others warms my heart. Survival stories interest me more than anything else.

I started wondering…why am I secretly tuned into the lives of those around me?

I finally know. I’m looking for something, and I finally know what that something is. I’m looking for strength.

I want to know where others find their inner strength. Why is the woman on the phone drinking coffee so happy? Where does that glow come from? Where did the man jogging find his motivation? Why is the teenager so sure of himself?

So, here is my question to you: where do you find your inner strength?

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  1. My inner strength comes from my faith, my children, and great determination to reach my goals.

    • I love that, Karen, so beautiful. 🙂

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