There’s an important lesson in this story…

True story sent to me by Shannon. Thanks for sharing this with us!

O, I do have a story that maybe you could put into perspective for a blog or smiling pain.  It still irks me 2 days later, but Brian & I went out to eat Saturday before the guns & hoses hockey game w/ some friends.  This time, we were paying.  To explain a lil further…whoever pays…the other leaves the tip.  Well we ate & the waitress was great, even though the place was crazy busy & crowded.  Well it came time to pay.  I asked for a tea to go & got the bill holder thing ready.  The total was covered by a gift card, coupon, & $5 bill.  Well there was $3-4 dollars left.  Well she was so great that when she brought back my change…I told her to keep it, b/c you know the other couple was leaving the tip, not me & I was still waiting for my tea to go.  Well apparently, she must’ve thought the change was going to be her ONLY tip b/c she never showed her face again & we waited & waited till we could no more b/c we had to go in order to make it to the game.  I never got my tea & the other couple needed change to leave more tip.  Lesson learned for me was not to say keep the change until I’m ready to go, especially when I’m still waiting for service to be continued. Lesson learned for her, I can only hope, is to continue the great work until the complete end no matter the small tip she thought she was only getting b/c that was actually just extra.  We did leave a few more $1 bills, but not what we were going to b/c we didn’t have enough change only bigger bills.  Ah well.  I wish she had known the whole story & not that I were being cheap.  I also wish she had come back w/ my tea lol & change for a better tip…

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