Memorable Quotes – THE CURSE OF A MIND

Do you like any of these quotes? Which one(s) are your favorite? 🙂


  1. “I don’t look at my victims at the moment of his or her death. The reason for that is that everyone, probably Adolf Hitler in his time, looks innocent in that moment.” ~ The killer, The Curse of a Mind
  2. “That is the definition of a true murderer. One that considers his actions, has the mental capacity to understand the consequences, and chooses to kill.” ~ The killer, The Curse of a Mind
  3. “‘Oh, I’m sorry. My mama died when I was seventeen. She must have forgotten to teach me some manners.'” ~ Chris Chambers, The Curse of a Mind
  4. “Garrett never looked straight at her, sideways yes, but never straight. Couldn’t concentrate that way. Too uncomfortable. That didn’t mean Garrett didn’t see what was right in front of him.” ~ The Curse of a Mind
  5. “She preferred her men less intense and less—well, just less. What she was looking for was control. This man wasn’t tame enough for her liking.” ~ The Curse of a Mind
  6. “‘I hope you know Cash is in the kitchen making a to-do list for me and Elliot. You let him play boss for ten minutes and he suddenly thinks he’s Hillary Clinton.'” ~ Leon Montgomery, The Curse of a Mind
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  1. I like number four the best…(-:

  2. Thanks so much, Rhonda!

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