I need you to be honest…

I have a confession. The hardest thing for me to write in a romance is a sex scene. I’m sure you’re saying, ‘What!?!?’

I know. I understand what you’re thinking. I really do, but it’s true. As a romance writer, that should be one of the easiest parts, but it’s not and that’s hard for me to admit to. : (

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to leave the scene out of the book. So, the question I want to post to readers today is this: will you read a romance without a sex scene or would you feel cheated that it wasn’t there?

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  1. Yeah, most people don’t realize how hard it is to write sex scenes and keep them relevant and interesting. I mean, sex is boring. (At least as a play-by-play description.)

    That’s why I’ll read a romance novel with missing or abbreviated sex scenes. But I’m different than many romance readers. I read for the characters and personal connection, not for the heat and steam.


    • Tim, thanks for the input. I’m pretty much the same way as a reader. I honestly get much more excited for that first kiss to finally come than the sex. It really is about the connections between the characters.


  2. I have to say I would feel cheated but I think it depends on the genre. For ex: Inspirational – no sex. But plenty of romance has abbreviated sex scenes.
    Now if you’re writing erotica – well, you might be in trouble – lol! Good luck – you should follow your instincts no matter what anyone says 🙂

    • Lynn, I can understand why you would feel cheated, particularly if the story is building the anticipation toward a big scene and it doesn’t happen. I think you’re right that readers anticipate different things in different genres. No, I don’t write erotica. A mainstream sex scene is about as explicit as it is ever going to get for me…lol.

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. I’d totally read a romance without sex (though I might be the minority, who knows!). To me it doesn’t make a difference if it’s in there or not! I like to see the actual romance bloom – I don’t care as much about the sex life! And when a sex scene is written into a book, I actually prefer it to be more vague and more about how the person is feeling rather than the “mechanics” of it all! hahahaha

    • Lisa, I would read romances without sex as well. I even find myself, as a reader, skimming over the sex to get on with the story. But, there again, maybe we are the minority. I better find out for sure before I try it. 🙂


  4. I’ve read so many different genres. A few of my faves have had the sex left out or it was worded in a way that it didn’t make a huge impact to the storyline or upset the balance that was needed, but enough to know that something did happen. That the spark had been lit between the two main characters.

    • Good to know, Valora! Thanks for the input!


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