Keep your eyes straight ahead.

It’s so tempting to compare everyone and everything. Does my house look as nice as my neighbors’? Are my brothers more successful than me? Is my hubby as involved in the school as the other moms’ husbands? I find that I can sit around and think myself into feeling terrible if I’m of a mind to do it. Have you done the same thing?

Why do we do that to ourselves? We shouldn’t. The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves. We’re running our own race here. We have our own obstacles and challenges to face. These other people have not walked in our shoes, have not been through what we’ve been through.

Maybe you don’t own your own house, but it seems like every one of your friends do. So what? Maybe they didn’t go through a two-year layoff from work. Maybe they didn’t go through that unexpected surgery. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to everyone else!

If I sit around and think about Stephenie Meyers, for example, I’ll feel like a failure as a writer. Wouldn’t anyone? If I think about the friend from high school that has the home of my dreams, the car of my dreams, and the husband and kids that seem picture perfect, I will most likely think myself straight into feeling depressed. From now on, I refuse to think like that.

Let’s face forward and keep our eyes on our own path. Leave the others around us to do the same. Only a higher power than we are can foresee where our lives are going. Instead of thinking ourselves into misery, turn the tables. Think yourself into being happy!

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  1. My sister once told me: Comparison is the first step to misery.

    She is either a genius or has a really great book of quotes!

    • Perfectly stated! Your sister does sound like a genius! 🙂

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