I’m changing, so is my husband

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at your husband and think, This is not the man I married. Yeah, I have, too. It happens to us all.

The thing is marriage is forever and people change in that time span. My husband and I have been married for eight years now. He’s truly my best friend. But, in that time, I know I’ve changed a great deal. I’m hoping all the changes have been for the better. 🙂 (Husband, if you’re reading this, you better be nodding…lol.)

Okay, I admit I’ve put on some weight since high school. Maybe that change wasn’t for the better, but… I’m talking about the type of changes that really alter a person’s personality. Events happen in our lives that really change us, that’s a fact.

One of those events for me was having a baby. I learned that my days of selfishness were gone. I had someone else I had to think about now. My needs went to the back burner, so did the needs of my husband.

He changed during that time as well. He became less mellow, more aggressive in his approach to almost everything. He turned into the protector, a stronger provider and much more assertive in his pursuit of happiness for his family.

Before this time, I really did get my way with just about everything with my husband. Imagine my surprise when he first started asserting his opinion into our marriage. There was a little resistance at first on my part. Then, as we all do, I matured and learned to begin the art of compromise. Yay for me!

I think for both of us having a baby took some adjustments. But, I don’t think change has to be a bad thing. It can add some excitement to the marriage. Look at it as a chance to get to know your spouse all over again and to fall in love all over again.

Date night is still my favorite night of the month, and trust me when I say the hubby better bring on the charm. I still expect a night that will take my breath away!

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  1. This was a really great and honest post. I’ve often feared having children for the same reason you spoke in your post. I am the princess, I get whatever I want from hubby. Having someone else be the center of attention, I thought would make me jealous. However, spending more time with one of my godsons recently taught me that is not the cause. I love that little boy so much, only his happiness is what is really important. Thanks for sharing this!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment!

      Oh gosh, having a baby made me grow up very fast. It really did. I’ve learned so much from my son and I would never change a thing. I think I’m a much, much better person now, and it’s because I have a very important reason to be. I have to be the mom he needs. 🙂

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