Blogfest results – Which one was the lie?

is officially over. Thanks to everyone that participated! I hope you
had as much fun as I did! Here are the results and the winners!

The Reader’s Lie Detector: Which one is the lie?

(One of the following statements is definitely not true. Yes, I’m a fibber…hehehe Open-mouthed smile But, which one is it?)

  1. My
    real name is Destiny Booze. I do not use a pen name. True. My mom found the name Destiny in a romance novel. My husband gifted me with the last name. 🙂
  2. I’m a
    multi-published author of international romantic suspense/thriller novels. True.
    I have two books available right now and they are both available
    internationally, which is just awesome. I’m so proud of my
    accomplishments thus far.

  3. I love
    Die Hard movies. I own every single one of them. True. I love Bruce Willis, and there is just something about over the top action movies that I find entertaining. Crazy, huh?
  4. My
    hair is naturally blonde. True. The color seems to get a bit darker each year. I guess age has something to do with that, but I’m a natural blonde.
  5. My
    nickname is Chuckles. True. My little brother started calling me that when we were kids. He thinks the way I laugh is funny. When I get going, I really get going to the point where I have to gasp for breaths in between giggles.
  6. My big
    toe is so fat that it looks pregnant. True.
    I have freaky toes. My big toe is shaped exactly like a pregnant woman.
    I would post a picture, but I would be too embarrassed…lol!

  7. I
    think I’m addicted to cheeseburgers. Love them so much! True. I would eat them every single day if I would let myself. LOVE them!
  8. One of
    my first jobs was at a veterinary clinic as a kennel assistant. FALSE. This is the lie! My first job was cleaning bathrooms at a campground. Yes, I even scrubbed the toilets. 🙂
  9. Some
    of my favorite authors are Tami Hoag, Dean Koontz, Allison Brennan and
    Janet Evanovich. True. Other than myself, *hehehe*, these are some of my favorite authors. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them.
  10. My
    husband thinks I’m directionally dysfunctional. He’ll most likely buy me
    GPS for my car this Christmas. True.
    I’m shocked my husband hasn’t bought me GPS already. I get picked on so
    badly over this. I’m a good sport about it, though.

So, am I a good liar? Hmmm… Out of 55 entries, I
tricked 37 people. 18 of you caught me in my lie! Congrats! Those 18
all received a .pdf copy of one of my books. Those with a correct
response were also included in this morning’s drawing for the $50 VISA
card or the signed copy of From the Ashes of Courage by J. Timothy King. Now, to announce those winners… 

For the VISA card…………Jen

For the book………………..Kristen

Thanks to everyone so much for playing! I’ve emailed
all participants with their prizes. If I missed anyone, please don’t
hesitate to let me know! It’s been a blast!

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