Perception really can be everything.

I used to love the wind. I mean I really, really, really
loved the wind.


Sure, everybody wants a breeze to cool them off in the
summertime. They probably want it enough to thank God for it, particularly on
humid days. Or, everybody enjoys a good beach breeze on a stifling day.


For me, the wind was more than that. As a kid, I would love
to run and play in the wind, the harder the better. I could turn into the
breeze and pretend that I was a goddess that could summon the power of the wind
on my command. If I turned away, my hair would slap me against the face and I
could pretend the wind was some bad, evil thing that I was running away from.


Under a tree on an autumn day, I could dance in the falling
leaves and pretend to be a princess of the forest. Or, I could chase the leaves
and fight them and become a warrior. If I fell, rolling around in the leaves
became a new game, the wind blowing them around me like a sideways tornado.


The wind was so much fun!


That’s not the case anymore. I don’t like the wind, not even
a little bit. Every time I look out the window and see the trees swaying back
and forth, I cringe. Even a light breeze upsets me. Because now, all I think
about with wind is that it causes my son’s allergies to flare up.


One little thing and my whole viewpoint has completely
changed. In this instance, something good was turned around to be negative.
But, the reverse must also be true. Something bad could turn into a positive if
we can find a way to change our perception.


So, the next thing that comes my way that seems really bad,
I’m going to pause and rethink the situation. Maybe it won’t be so bad, after
all. What do you think? Worth a try, right?

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