Predetermined Endings is this week’s feature!

Predetermined Endings is the featured novel of the week at Whimsical Publications! Order the print book for 10% off!

Angelica Chappell’s story made huge headlines. Only a few months ago, she released a new
pharmaceutical drug called Krytonix that effectively slows the spread of cancer cells. She had no idea her
story would attract the attention of a serial killer. Suddenly, she is a target whether she realizes it or not.
This killer is interested in more than her life. He wants her reputation, too. His first mission is to sabotage

William Pierce worked undercover for the FBI for five years to bring down a ruthless mobster that he
ultimately is forced to kill. Two months have passed by since that assignment. Still, William saw things he
can’t talk about. He did things he can’t talk about. He believes his soul is damned. Returning to “normal”
everyday life isn’t an option. He isn’t the same man he used to be. He refuses to return to FBI
headquarters, and instead, becomes a rogue agent with an agenda.

When Pierce’s agenda leads him to Chappell, it will take both of them to keep Angelica alive and figure out
who is after her. William soon finds himself developing feelings for Angelica. Too bad for her killer, William
worked as a trained hit-man for the mob. Will he find her killer and hand him over to the legal system to
see that justice is served, or will he search and destroy?

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