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Want to know whether or not you’ll like my books? You can read a sample of ALTERED BEGINNINGS or PREDETERMINED ENDINGS here:

Or…take this quiz for fun!

Quiz: Will you enjoy Destiny’s books?

Take this quiz:

1. Should the heroine be soft and sweet or tough as nails or does it matter as long as she is beautiful?
2. Does the hero always need to save the girl?
3. Should the hero be the withdrawn and silent type (maybe brooding) or
charismatic and charming or does it not matter if he’s handsome?
4. Do you always want a happy ending?
5. Do you enjoying reading romance, mystery, suspense or thriller or a combination?­
6. Do you enjoy books with a detailed setting and landscape or do you prefer to get straight to the action?
7. Would you prefer a short, medium or long book?
8. Does the man and woman always have to fall in love?
9. Do you enjoy sex scenes?
10. Do you want a book to be more realistic or more entertaining­?

Compare your answers to Destiny’s:

1. Usually tough as nails.
2. Yes, unless she saves him.
3. Doesn’t matter, just as long as he’s sexy.
4. YES!
5. All of the above, or a combination.
6. Get to the action!
7. Any of the above.
8. Yes, of course.
9. Sometimes, if it is appropriate and contributes to the story.
10. Entertaining! Real life is enough reality; reading is an escape.

Are you and Destiny a match? Or close enough? If so, be sure to check out Destiny’s Outer Banks
Suspense Series at The first book, ALTERED
BEGINNINGS and the second book, PREDETERMINED ENDINGS are available now!

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