Patience is such a cruel concept

Unofficial Disclaimer from an Amateur Giver of Advice: First and foremost, I’m no expert on pretty much anything. But, I’ve been through and witnessed enough hardships to have some noteworthy experience in many areas. 🙂 Laughing at me yet? Don’t worry. You can. So, here goes…

A few words of wisdom from Destiny on….(drum role please)….patience.

Oh boy, that’s a word none of us like to hear, isn’t it? I know it’s something I need more of. Maybe it’s even something no one can have enough of. Oh yeah, patience will take you far, but darn it all, it’s something that sucks to wait on, right? How can you learn patience if you can’t wait to get it? Ha-ha. Catch 22, is it not?

Well, the thing is that life will teach you patience whether you want to learn or not. Life will simply make you wait. That will probably make you angry, but it won’t do you any good, so you might as well just let it go. And folks, there it is. That’s patience. It’s that moment when you find peace while you’re waiting.

Maybe we need to thank our higher power for making us wait. Thank goodness we are learning, that we are being forced to learn, to evolve, to adapt and to mature. That’s what the waiting is all about.

Patience may suck, but with it comes peace, and that’s really worth waiting for. In the end, isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what we all need? Peace – a state of tranquility, a state of freedom, of calm and quiet. Sounds good, yes?

Anyways, that’s just what I’ve been thinking on the subject. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m neither, but at least I’m still learning. That’s life.

Destiny’s prayer for the day: Thank you, Lord, for all the many things I want so badly, but have not yet received. Thank you for not giving me the extra money to replace my kitchen floor this year. Thank you that the second repair did not fix my truck. Thank you that I did not lose any of the weight I wanted to lose before bathing suit season. Thank you for not allowing me to hit bestseller status too easily. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for teaching me patience. I may hate it, but I need it. Help me to learn this lesson quickly, please Lord. I want to learn what I need to learn so I can quit waiting. It’s killing me.

Wink Take care, my friends. Keep waiting for what’s to come and find some peace while you’re at it. Life will just keep teaching us until we learn the lesson, right? Have a good one!

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