My Review: Deals with Demons by Victoria Davies

Deals with Demons by Victoria Davies
4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Would you make a deal with a demon? Talia makes a deal and
she doesn’t want to get out of it.


Tough and sassy Talia has been in love with Devlin since she
was sixteen years old. It’s a problem. First off, he doesn’t love her in
return. Second—and worse—he’s a demon.


Being in love with a demon is unacceptable to Talia. She’s a
senser, a human with an innate magical sense that allows her to track demons. She’s
so psychically sensitive that she can even understand what a demon is thinking.


Talia has a dangerous profession. She uses her special abilities
as a senser to track demons and kill them. When she gets in over her head with
a demon that is older and more powerful than any she has encountered before,
Devlin shows up to offer her a deal. He’ll help her for a price, something that
has nothing to do with money, a piece of herself that she may not be willing to
give in return.


If she makes the deal, will he be powerful enough to save
her? And will his help be worth a demon’s price?


DEALS WITH DEMONS by Victoria Davies is a rolling
tumbleweed of passion and excitement from the first page to the end. I really
enjoyed these characters together. I liked that there weren’t any wishy-washy
overdramatic do-I-love-him-or-not scenes. The characters knew what they wanted
and never wavered. The circumstances are the important mystery behind this plot
with the sizzling backdrop of magic and demons.

This review was written for Romance Junkies.

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