My Review: What He Didn’t Say: Chasing the Truth

What He Didn’t Say: Chasing the Truth by Carol Stephenson and Maggie Price
3.5 out of 5 Stars

Holt is a loner
by choice. He doesn’t like crowds. He’s a successful businessman with his life
mapped out. He believes in planning. He makes decisions according to facts,
figures or numbers.


loves life and she loves people. She goes with the flow, taking each day as it
comes, floating along and searching for that special thing that will make her
life meaningful. She’s happy and content without any specific destination in


There is
one thing Holt and Emma-Lee have in common. They are both adrenaline junkies.
They meet by chance while skydiving and an instant attraction is formed. Will
Emma-Lee be able to pull Holt out of his chosen solitary existence? Can this
couple resolve their differences and build a relationship together?


DIDN’T SAY: CHASING THE TRUTH by Carol Stephenson and Maggie Price is a PG
rated contemporary romance dramatized by a setting in NASCAR and a somber
sideline plot involving cancer. No doubt the ingredients for a thrilling and
exciting story are in place. Unfortunately, the romance didn’t have quite the
same spark as the setting’s backdrop. The characters seem fully developed, but
so many scenes were missing to really connect these two as a couple. The first
official dinner date was one such scene. — We were told that they went to
dinner, but the dinner wasn’t described. In a romance, the first date is so
important. I wanted to know what happened and how they interacted together
during the dinner.


Overall, it’s worth
reading. I liked the prose. I liked the story. I just wanted more.

This review was written for Romance Junkies.

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