Being a mom isn’t easy

I overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter
that really upset me. I was in a restroom stall of all places. I never saw the
parent and child that I heard talking. And no, I don’t usually go around
listening to people talk, but when you’re sitting on the toilet there just
isn’t much else to do. Besides, this particular discussion I mention got loud.


Keeping in mind I only heard a piece of a whole, I overheard
things like, “Why are you doing that? Why are you always so stupid?” The mother
spoke loudly and angrily to the child. I felt embarrassment and pity on the
child’s behalf.


As a parent myself, I am far from perfect, far from an
expert, and far from the most experienced, and yet I can’t control the
compulsion I feel to deliver a message I feel very strongly about. Parents,
myself included, please remember to be very careful how we talk to our
children. Please remember not to yell, not to name call and not to degrade no
matter how angry and frustrated we get. The consequences are too great for us
to slip.


I know how hard it gets. As a parent, we never get a break, never. Even the most saintly and patient
parents occasionally feel like losing control. After all, we’re human, but
please, when things get to the breaking point, find a release that doesn’t
involve the little one right in your face arguing, whining or nagging at you –
the child.


Long term yelling or name calling can cause poor self esteem
at the very least. What we do and don’t do changes the person these kids will
become. As parents, we can actually mold children into adults with certain
characteristics, good and bad, which is actually a terrifying responsibility to


I’m not sure it’s in any parenting manual on the market, but
I often tell my son to go to his room until he can find his smile. It’s
definitely a line he’s growing very tired of hearing, but I’m okay with that. I
want him to know right from the start that it is his choice to have a good
attitude. I want to teach him all the things I had to learn.


Parents, let’s pull together and make the next generation
better than we are. Let’s teach them to empower themselves with a positive
attitude, with a bright smile. If my child grows into a happy man of great
integrity, I will consider my job complete.


By the way, if anyone has a manual that describes
exactly how to handle a boy with my son’s exact DNA, could you send it to me?

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