Hilarious Story About My Husband

My dear lovable husband is challenged by today’s technology. He’s getting a bit more knowledgeable every single day, but our six-year old son has already far surpassed my husband’s understanding of today’s electronics. Just this weekend, the hubby had me chuckling so hard that my sides were in stitches over his cell phone.

First, let me thank my husband for allowing us all to share a good laugh at his expense. (Love you, Kevin!)

Here’s what happened. He wanted to send a friend of ours a funny text that he’d received. He just recently got involved in texting and I think it’s growing into a fast addiction. Well, he wasn’t quite sure how to forward it.

Being the helpful wife that I am, I tried to tell him step-by-step how to forward a text. To my surprise, he said, "I know how to forward the text."

Honestly, I was shocked he knew that much. So, I asked what the problem was. He said, "The problem is I haven’t added that person to my text contacts."

Yes, it is true. My dear lovable husband did not know that there is only one list of contacts in his phone. The phone number list and the text list would indeed be one in the same.

Oh my gosh, I love that man! God Bless Him!

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  1. So imaginable.XD

  2. : )

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