Feelings Come and Go

I’ve started a new lesson with my son. Just because he feels a certain way, doesn’t mean he has to act a certain way. If he’s angry, may he throw a temper tantrum? No. If he’s bored, may he ignore his teacher? Absolutely not.

He can choose to do what is right even if he doesn’t feel like it.

This is a lesson I need to hear as well. Raising my son has made me want to be the best kind of person I can be. To do that, I have to be in control of my emotions, right?

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop having them. What I think it means is that I won’t let them control me. I want to do the right thing. Feelings come and go. Decisions, on the other hand, can have consequences that last forever. Do I want to make choices based on a flighty feeling? I think not.

Let’s choose how we want to act based on truths and facts, not feelings. Let’s choose to do what is right. Let’s make that choice every single day.

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