Manic Readers Review – 4 Stars for Predetermined Endings

MR Review

Chappell is brilliant, rich, and beautiful so her life must be charmed,
right? Unfortunately, although Angelica is famous for developing a new
cancer drug that may actually cure cancer, she has attracted the
attention of serial killer who not only wants her dead but wants her
reputation ruined and her drug pulled from usage. Angelica is certain
that the drug, Krytonix, works and that it has been sabotaged but she
can’t imagine why someone would do that and it is up to her to prove
her drug works; if she lives long enough. William Pierce is a burned
out undercover FBI agent gone rogue and when his path crosses
Angelica’s there is plenty of sparks and the danger escalates. Can
Angelica make William care enough about anything to help her? If
William decides to help, can he play by the rules or will he make up
his own?

This is a very intriguing plot. A researcher has
possibly found the cure for cancer and instead of that making the world
a better place, greed and pure evil come out of the woodwork and
actually work to make the drug fail. Angelica is worshiped one moment
and then hated the next. I loved Angelica’s character, although for
being such a brilliant person; I found it difficult to believe she
could really be so naïve. Yes, she has been really sheltered but with
today’s technology and the rapid availability of information, plus she
was an avid reader; I found it difficult to believe she wouldn’t put
things together a little faster and have some survival skills. William
is a disaster and he knows it. He knows he has gone too far the wrong
direction and sees no way to redeem himself. Well good for him but I
sure wanted him to get over his pity party a little sooner and get back
in the game. Protecting and helping Angelica escape from the evil
targeting her seems like a valid for redemption to me! Unfortunately,
the bad guy has no intention of waiting while Angelica and William get
their act together so from the first page this story is full of
repeated attempts to get to and harm Angelica and anyone around her. So
despite my skepticism or maybe because of it, I found myself deeply
involved in this story, unwilling to put it down for any length of time
until I found out what was going to happen! If you love danger,
intrigue, and rapidly developing plots that rush the characters toward
a dramatic ending, you will love Predetermined Endings!

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