Predetermined Endings

by Destiny Booze


Endings is the second in the Outer Banks series, by author Destiny
Booze and even better than the first. If you want romance, mystery, and
action, look no further for your perfect read.

Predetermined Endings, the reader is introduced to Angelica Chappell
whose passion lies in her lab, and a new miracle drug to help fight
Cancer,called Krytonix. But when reports begin to come out that the
drug seems to be failing, local reporter Jason
Altarez begins to investigate. Angelica in the meantime is dead certain the drug has been tampered with.

in the mix, a mysterious man who keeps coming around scaring Angelica
and attempting to kidnap her. The only person she may have to lean on
is Wi
Pierce, former FBI agent who comes to her aid, despite scaring her
early on in the story. Fear and question of who to trust plagues
Angelica, despite feelings she eventually finds that she has for

              As the truth about the drug finally comes out,
Angelica’s grandfather also confesses his own secrets in a tragic
ending. The pieces are picked up in time to save the patients affected
by the tampering, even though their families are forever affected by
the repercussions.

              With recurring characters from
the first in the series, Altered Beginnings, Predetermined Endings
blends the old and new characters together quite nicely. The Outer
Banks series offers intriguing storylines, and memorable characters
that keep you hooked and wanting to read more.


~Jennifer Brown

Author of In Jen’s Words: Facing the Issues (2010)

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