I’m Sorry, or not

I’m sorry the house wasn’t as clean as it needed to be


I’m sorry that I was late for my son’s appointment.


I’m sorry I got frustrated over something so small.


I’m sorry I didn’t get everything done I planned to do.


I’m sorry I burned dinner.


Most of all, I’m sorry to myself for taking the weight of
the world on my shoulders and feeling such guilt over every little thing that I
don’t do perfectly. I’m sorry to myself for punishing myself by thinking over
and over again about everything I do wrong. I’m human. It’s okay if I’m not
Superwoman. It’s okay that I make mistakes.


I forgive myself. I’m going to let all the tiny things go. I
just want peace and happiness. The funny thing is that I’ll be better for it.
Maybe the secret behind Superwoman has nothing to do with how few things she
does wrong, but rather how many things she does right.


I don’t think I’m going to spend so much time being sorry
anymore. Sorry if that isn’t the right thing to do…or maybe I’m not.

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