Writing Progress

Okay guys, here’s where I’m at.

THE CURSE OF A MIND, my romantic thriller is done and looking for a contract. Yay!

As for book 3 in the Outer Banks Suspense Series, ACCELERATING CIRCUMSTANCES is in the works as we speak. Here’s a heads up. There’s going to be a bigger gap in the time line between this book and book 2 than there was between ALTERED BEGINNINGS (Book 1) and PREDETERMINED ENDINGS (Book 2). Book 3 is going to pick up in March of the following year. So, there’s some things you can look forward to. How about a hint? Will Shawn and Emma be having a baby yet? Will Jason and Leigh be married yet? Will William be back to work with the FBI yet? What do you think?

Want to know who the main love interest will be in book 3? How about Nate Altarez (Jason’s little brother) and Jenny Reid (William’s old partner)?

Let me tell you what. I’m soooooo excited about this one! It is going to be a completely new story with a new plot and it has some big surprises. I sure hope you guys will love it!

Is there anything you would like to see happen in book 3? I won’t make any promises, but I’ll listen to any and all suggestions. : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

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