We have the best intentions, right?

"I get along with everyone, until my family comes home," Joyce Meyer.

I wake up every morning with the intentions of doing everything right. I’m going to get that workout in. I’m going to eat healthy. I’m going to get the house clean. I’m going to get my writing goals done. I’m going to spend extra time with my husband and son. I’m going to do it all with a great attitude….and on and on. I really do plan all of these things and it lasts until I climb out of bed, then everything goes straight out the window.

What happens?

Life is what happens. That’s the only way I know how to explain it. Instead of my day beginning with a smile, the coffee pot breaks and I discover I’m all out of microwavable food to give my son for breakfast. Then, I’m in a mad rush to cook something. My smile disappears, and I really, REALLY need some coffee.

A horrible sinus headache begins above my right eye as we head to the bus stop. No workout. Ugh, need headache medicine pronto.

Okay, so the day began terrible. I’m going to salvage what I can. Deep breath. Get your act together and get to writing. Uh-oh. The computer isn’t coming on. What now?

See what I mean? It’s just life. But, I still say our intentions count for something, right?

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