A poem to introduce my upcoming romantic thriller

The Curse of a Mind


C hurning dilemmas, decisions and continuous thoughts,

It is a tiring process where answers are sought.

            ~The mind’s infinite curse~

A burden for which a penny has bought,

Jumbles of chaos, bursts of insight materialize from naught.


U ncle, uncle, I cry! It is rest I crave,

Blessed blankness or dreams on a wave,

            ~The mind’s infinite curse~

No on or off switch, no option or control until the grave,

Until then, the information I hold I have to save.


R etardation and autism from an altered brain,

Still have no escape from the pain.

            ~The mind’s infinite curse~

For it is not ignorance that challenges the sane,

It is what we know, a problem of the vain.


S lumber, oh beautiful slumber, refuses to come,

At least allow me to go numb.

            ~The mind’s infinite curse~

Make the madness stop, I beg as a bum,

I know in my astute desperation, there is no where to run.


E nter other techniques, including the sheep,

The frustrations drive me crazy and I weep.

            ~The mind’s infinite curse~

Okay, time to make the decision to push away the secrets I keep,

It is time to take a deep breath, let it all go and just go to sleep.



Destiny Booze

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