I hate asking for help.

Are you like me? Are you the type of person that would rather put your arm down into a pit of fire ants before asking someone for help? I’m pretty stubborn that way, but I’m beginning to realize that it is a big mistake!

When my husband was younger, he broke both of his arms at the same time. Each arm was in a large cast that went above his elbow. He needed help with EVERYTHING for six to eight weeks. Can you imagine?

It’s such a funny story to hear him tell it, especially when he talks about having to go to the bathroom. Yikes! But, I can’t help picturing how I would feel if I needed that amount of help… It would KILL me! I’m sure of it.

But, I want to change. In order to really succeed, I need to learn to ask for help. That’s a fact. It will be hard, but I really need to do it.

I actually took my first stab at it not so long ago. I asked a friend for a favor. She said no. Well, I guess that’s a lesson for another day, is it not? That’s okay. I’ll try again, and again, and again…until I get it right. I will!

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