Repost – Predetermined Endings Poem

Predetermined Endings


Did you hear the cries of labor,

the announcement of God’s favor,

to a man and woman,

for reasons you cannot summon?


Did you feel the sting of pain,

the continuum of sacrifice for gain,

to get a job and house,

for the sprint to success like a mouse?


Did you realize the price of life,

the philosophy from Adam’s wife,

to sample want and desire,

for the result of brimstone and fire?


Did you hope the pursuit of glory,

the manifest destiny of riches by

to have recognition and fame,

for a journey no man overcame?


Did you know the result of all,

the fate waiting beyond the gate so

to teach every person and organism,

for a universal truth, not cynicism?


Did you hate the epiphany of time,

the uncomfortable psalm spoken in

to justify the birth and beginning,

for setting a course with only one
predetermined ending?


Destiny Booze

This poem was written as an introduction to a romantic suspense novel called PREDETERMINED ENDINGS. It is available now. To learn more:

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