Liar, Liar

I know it’s a debatable topic, but is honesty always the best policy? Always? Really?

In my opinion, yes, yes and yes. Here’s why, and this is what I tell my very impressionable six-year-old son.

I believe words have power. Positive affirmations spoken aloud lead to success. Negative words lead to failure. I believe that to be fact. Words can heal, words can wound, simple words cause divorces and end relationships. Words really do have power. It is so important that we be careful with our words.

Then, there’s the little white lies. Still a problem? That’s the gray area. Is it wrong to tell your child that Santa Claus is real? No, not in my humble opinion. Lying implies intent to deceive. I believe Santa Claus is a real entity in our hearts. Letting a child believe in Christmas is a gift, one of joy and happiness, one of love and faith.

People lie for many different reasons, but I think one of the biggest is most likely to avoid confrontation. But, it’s still wrong. Telling the truth takes bravery and honor. No one said it was easy.

Don’t take the easy way out anymore. Don’t lie. I know I’m going to try and do better myself. Lying diminishes the power of our words. It’s the same as Kryptonite to Superman. Choose honor. Choose to keep your power.

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