Motivational Monday – Love Yourself

It’s so easy to concentrate on the things we don’t like – our kids have attitudes, our hair just will not stay put, our clothes are always wrinkled, our houses are never spotless… That list could go on for days. The truth is that list may never shrink. It will always be there. I will always hate my damn feet, for instance. My big toes will always look like short, pregnant stubs. See what I mean?

But, oh well… At least my big toes make a great conversational piece, especially whenever alcohol is around…lol. Just kidding, sort of. They do get a laugh. My toes’ due dates are an ongoing debate at parties.

So, just let all the bad stuff go. Let’s concentrate on the good. What do you like about yourself? I bet the list can be just as long, hopefully longer than the bad. I happen to like my eye brows. I keep them thicker than the fashionable norm right now, and I guess I feel "Brooke Shields" that way. I typically like my hair. I laugh easily and often. Those are just a few things I really like.

I love myself. Do you?

I hope you do. It’s important.

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