Say, huh? Why?

Interesting title, is it not?
Okay, I read a blog on myspace a while back that had me say that title out loud to my office. Keep in mind the author of
the blog was a published
romance novelist. In a nutshell, it said that she recently read a book
that she thoroughly enjoyed, but caused her to wonder about her own
writing. She asked herself: shouldn’t she enjoy her own books as much
as she enjoyed that one? The blog was very short and to the point. It
then went on to say that she was quitting, or "starting over" as she
referred to it, and would no longer be back to that myspace page. She
added that she was very thankful she had such an understanding
Say, huh? Why?
is one very important, very specific rule in writing – Be persistant.
You don’t quit! She can call it what she wants, but she is quitting. If
she wanted to transition into another genre she could have done so on
that same myspace page. Is she going to come out under a different
name? Getting published is a miracle in itself. Is she really willing
to take the risk that she can become a brand new writer and find a new
I’m in shock, and I don’t understand at all. Even on a bad day, when I worry I can’t write any better than a nine-year-old
child, I do not consider quitting. Writing is a part of who I am…
Can this girl really just quit? No, no, no!!!

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