Outer Banks Suspense Series – Book 3

This book is in progress right now. Here’s the introductory poem…

Accelerating Circumstances


In a moment of blindness,

She said yes.

Anticipation left her breathless.


That he was a stranger,

Added to the danger.

Excitement outweighed any wager.


With no thought or plan,

She went with the man.

Exhilaration heightened the night inside the van.


When they came to a stop,

He got on top.

Arousal masked the gun’s sudden pop.


Every thrust – a release of hate,

Coupling with a lifeless mate.

Disappointment was the murder, not perfect, not great.


Why did she have to die?

Her husband and son will later cry,

For a wife and mother that went goodbye.


The stakes accelerate for each kill,

Striving for the lust of that first thrill.

The disappointment and rage never-ending, until…


Destiny Booze
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