I’m in the newspaper! Here’s the story.

Fincastle Herald/July 2009

For Destiny Booze, writing was a means of escape, an outlet,
a source of fun and entertainment, and yes, a deep seeded passion above all
else. But, it was never something to be taken seriously, until now.

After years and years of writing that began as soon as she
was capable of holding a pencil, Booze’s debut romantic suspense novel, Altered
Beginnings was released May 15 from Whimsical Publications.

"It doesn’t feel real," Booze said. "I’ve
seen the book, held it, flipped through it, even signed a few copies for
people, but the connection still isn’t there. I need someone to pinch me."
When she saw the final published paperback for the first time, Booze recalled
thinking, "That’s really my book? What kind of alternate universe did I
wake up in this morning?"

The publication sure was a big shock to Booze and her family.
"I remember my mom squealing with joy," Booze recalled. "Then,
she said, I didn’t know you knew how to do it." It was a statement that
echoed inside Booze’s head. She hadn’t known either, but she did it.

Booze grew up at Jellystone Park Campground, a resort that
her family managed. It was located a few miles out of Buchanan, in Arcadia. She
described her childhood as fun, but a lot of hard work each summer. Along with
her two brothers, she was expected to carry her own weight and help with
whatever needed to be done for the camping season.

She saw herself as a small-town girl with dreams that didn’t
venture further than her front porch. "I always thought that I would take
over at the campground. My brothers didn’t seem interested, and I loved it
there."  She attended college,
working toward a business degree, but the English classes were always her
favorite.  She loved the writing

A wrench was thrown into those plans when Jellystone was
sold in 1999. The new owner was interested in a more hands-on approach to the
business and took over the management duties. Booze’s family found themselves
searching for a new home, and moved to Roanoke. "My dad started working
for UPS, but I felt utterly lost. The campground was all that I knew,"
Booze said.

She began writing more and more. It was more than a hobby.
It was a coping mechanism. "I wrote my first book in high school, and
though I can’t say that it was good, I had loads of fun writing it. When I lost
Jellystone, I tried writing a book about a girl at a campground, but it was too
hard. I was too close to the situation. I must have started that story five
times or better just to trash it every time," she said.

The next few years Booze described her life as an
unconscious exploration to find herself. She job hopped from several different
career paths. She tried day care, office work, even a couple positions in
healthcare, but nothing settled her into a rhythm. "Nothing felt
right," she said. "When I was at Jellystone, I felt confident in
myself, and I was searching for that sureness again, but I just couldn’t find

In between jobs, Booze wrote the book that would lead to her
first publication. She began researching the publishing industry, and sending
her manuscript to publishers. "I can’t begin to tell you how many
rejections I went through. All I can say is there were a bunch," she said.

Last year, she took a job as a community journalist with the
Fincastle Herald. "Writing felt comfortable, and the restlessness within
me instantly settled. I loved writing for the paper and it helped pay the bills,
but  writing books is where my heart kept
leading me.”

Then, it happened. As she opened another letter from a
publisher she thought, “probably another rejection.” But this time it was a
legitimate offer with a real contract.

This year, for the first time, Booze became a fulltime
novelist. "I know it’s what I’m meant to do," she said. "It
feels right."

Altered Beginnings is the first book in a series by Destiny
Booze called the Outer Banks Suspense Series. It is available now through
Barnes and Noble. Just ask for it at the counter, or you can order online at
http://www.bn.com, http://www.amazon.com, http://www.waldenbooks.com, http://www.target.com,
http://www.booksamillion.com or http://www.whimsicalpublications.com. The sequel,
Predetermined Endings will be released later this year.

To find out more about the author or to find correspondence
information, visit http://www.destinybooze.com.

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